I got woken up for this?

Just been woken up by the chick , who says North Korea fired a missile at Japan


So, after panicking, and telling the bint to go take the doors off, and get the bin liners up on the windows, it turns out, they only fired it into the sea of Japan.

Mind you , the Stock markets in that part of the world have dived rapidly. Wonder what the Dow Jones will be doing in the morning?

Anyway, back to bed........
Funny thing that, when I woke up this morning there was 'Scud' under the douvet (In the firing position)...."Mrs Sonic..." I said. ;)
Seriously though, imagine them firing again, say this time over Japan.  And the Americans think its a pre-emptive attack...... and launch nuclear missiles into North Korea at it's launch sites and nuclear reactors.   See how dangerous the whole thing is??   We're doomed I tell yers, DOOMED !!



War Hero
As some one once sang:

"we're all going on a summer holiday, only off to world war 3......"

Bring back the cold war - all is forgiven.
Quote A Japanese defence agency source reportedly said two missiles were fired, at different times on Monday, but one of them failed. Japanese government officials said it was likely that North Korea would launch another missile on Wednesday  Unquote.

Hope they don't aim it over Japan like last time, eh?

Or maybe it's time to finish the game once and for all?  Only a suggestion.............


INVADE NORTH KOREA !!! those stumpy kooks and so weak and starved and fighting with wepons of 1950s vintage we should be able to sort it out once for all and expose kim sung shite as a lier who has been starving his people and kept them in the dark for the last 50 years dunno why the chinese didnt enlighten them as they have advanced many times over andgot  cars and jobs holidays etc ,

north korea is a time warp that need kicking into the next century
What was that saying in the 60's during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

"Duck & Cover"

I think its time to convert the cellar & take in provisions.
dunno why the chinese didnt enlighten them as they have advanced many times over andgot  cars and jobs holidays etc ,

I'd feel more safe if China invaded N Korea and disposed of the leader and the regime.  Better the devil you (apparently).   China (along with the rest of Asia) has so much to lose if this blows into a full scale war.  As you've said Vespa, hopefully China will realise it's prospered so much lately, that it can't afford N Korea to fcuk things up.   I think America would feel better knowing who's in-charge, other then the present crack-pots.

Come on China, do something about your neighbour !!

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