I got the most extras for......

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by Outstanding, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. 28 (day on day off) for discharging a shotgun on Sunday in Tidworth, shooting at clay, several times; about 500 metres away from the GOCs curry lunch (which I did not realise was happening)
  2. Dropping my SLR during a pre-passed off parade, to make it worse it was a practice for the wet weather programme and we were inside a hanger. The crash of my rifle slamming into the deck reverberated around the hanger for what seemed like forever!!

    After a quick stint in the guardroom and some bumper fun with the RP Sgt, it was back to the block where our Troop Sgt offered me a game of 'Darts Extras'. 3 Darts at the board in the restroom would decide the amount. Misses counted as 25 extras. Stupidly, i decided to go for the 1's and promptly smacked my first dart into the 20. A quick change of tactic was required and the 3 was my next target. One treble later and my tally was up to 29. I closed my eyes and lobbed my last dart which luckily found a single 6.

    So, 35 extras in less than a minute. Is this a record? Probably not.
  3. At a unit somewhere in Germany it was good form for the CO to have the young officers in the Mess on Thursday night to see if he could drink them under the table. He was extremely good at not showing any effects the day after but the other officers were obviously not!!!

    One Friday morning, Hagar gets a call from OC who is looking for PC. Covered his Arrse as per normal and contacted other officer to go and rouse him from his pit in the mess. Little while later OC makes second call and cover is blown!!

    Outcome is several young officers in receipt of approx 30 extras each (not bad as on same duty roster as moi) and the Canadian who is due to return to home country in the near future made a large, voluntary donation to a charity of the COs choice.
  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Something I often wondered. Extract from Part 1 Orders:

    I was entirely confident that it wouldn't be raining in the drill shed, but have to confess that I didn't have the bottle to pick up the RSM and not bother turning up on account of his omitting a full stop and a capital letter (not to mention his syntactical error of omitting a primary verb, blah, blah)
  5. The proposed Ombudsman will probably ban the use of "extras" as an offence to a persons civil liberties, so make the most of this thread kids!
  6. I'm sure he would have been eternally grateful to you if you had, so he wouldn't have made the error again.
  7. Sightseeing in County Monahan when I should have been in Bessbrook. The usual navigation error excuse was not accepted by CO thanks to my collection of orienteering trophies.
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Don't see why. What's the alternative punishment? Charge him, blot his copybook, deny him his LS&GC and deny him a livelihood as a Beefeater when he leaves the Army, so he has to work as a waiter in Beefeater instead?

    Extras are the perfect solution for summary justice and "Punishment fits the crime."
  9. WE know this, but WE will not be on the Ombudsman, it will a Lord Double Barrelled who spent 2 years in a cavalry unit during the 60s playing polo or someone who before he became an MP when T Bliar took over was demonstrating in a tent with the lettuce lickers outside various defence establishments in the Uk!
  10. Bosnia 97 - Picked up my CSM for having a pocket undone 8O Spent the rest of the day sweeping the roads and vehicle park.

    Last night there, all the lads on the lash in Split, eyebrow go's diffy. On return to Germany, locked up every morning till it grew back... Never been so fit :)
  11. Extra's are only a perfect solution if administered correctly. 28 day on/ off for disturbing a curry lunch? 29 for dropping a rifle on a practice parade, the number decided on by throwing darts at a dart board? It is not right to use an arbitrary figure to decide a punishment, although I understand why people would rather get extras than a Regimental entry

    I was given "extra's until I am fcuking bored, Sgt ringdoby" by the RSM (In my case I had got batfaced and caused havoc at a Regimental function when the unit was leaving Germany. I deserved far worse than extra's to be honest, and consider the punishment light). The actual number worked out at about 20 in my case, and only stopped because I went back to the RSM about a month later to ask him (with all due respect) if he was bored yet.
  12. I was stagging on the gate along came the RSM on his bike in the snow....he fell off.......i pissed myself........then got 5 extras...fcukin charmin....
  13. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    lol@kidneywiper moral of the story is......... :lol:
  14. While on course we had a mixture from the various Guards divisions as our instructors, one particular nasty L/Sgt loved peeling our nicley done floor of wax with his ammo boots on his weekly inspection, then giving as a re-parade/inspection in the evening.

    As we were the first room, just past some double fire doors where he entered we were tasked with waxing and buffing the floor just inside the door all evening, while the other rooms did our other block jobs.

    Morning comes, he bangs open doors ...... marches smartly in with his pace stick ....... both feet go ....... head bounces on floor .... he is out cold ..... 21 days ROP'S for the whole room :)

  15. 28 day on, day off in 1984 for speeding down the A38 with 6 light guns following-allegedly at 85mph. This was just not true as my 1/2 ton LR would not go over 75 whatever you did -and we were doing it at the time as it was Friday and were back out on ex on the Mon. The 1 tonne with a gun -now it could go well over 85 so it was probably true of them.

    Unfortunately I was caught by COS MGRM - RM Col "shits" H..... (this really was his nickname and deservedly so) who was clearly speeding in his staff car himself in order to pull me over. As he started ripping shreds off me at the side of the road all the guns went speeding past-so much for convoy discipline! I had to confess to the new BC of only 3 days that I had not only been caught but had to go and see said Col with written reasons for speeding (how stupid!!) later that afternoon when he had promised he would throw the entire book at me. To my eternal gratitude new BC (C.C.) went in to see Shits instead of me-turned out he had been the COS's FOO one upon a time and knew him-getting me off, in his opinion, lightly with 28.

    The Regt was in Norway at the time (we were sunshine bty at that time) and when the CO was briefed on the phone by the BC he laughed it off (for the late Ian Dury this was indeed unusual) -turned out that Shits was actually en route back to Plymouth after an abortive visit to the Bde in Norway during which he had been stranded incommunicado for 9 hrs at Hjerkinn station by AAdjt 29 when he got off the train to visit them at the ranges and she cocked up. Catching some guns speeding on his way home was just icing on the cake!

    That would not have been too bad but for various reasons I ended up collecting another 12 before the year was done.