I got sergeant at 25. But Ill not go further now


Wow, now that is courage. Best of luck!


Wow! My tifer is duly doffed to that man! I hope everything works out for him.

A true inspiration - very best wishes for the future.

His story should be enlarged and posted in every Med Centre as a reminder to the idle "Biff Chit Chasers" that attend every time an exercise looms!


War Hero
Thank fukc for his decent caring wife - we tend to forget partners, family and friends suffer as well. Brilliant article - proper journalism!


War Hero
For a Liney to be Sgt at 25 is flying, but when you read about his attitude, you can see why.

I'd be more than happy to have him in my troop, at any rank.
Top Bloke, Hope things work out for him.
Radio 4 did an article about the medical facilities for armed forces' casualties of war, and Sgt Brennan featured heavily. Sounds like such an inspiration for those just starting their recovery.

Welldone that man!
Well done fella but don't forget that it wouldn't be possible without the staff at Headley Court-very very professional people who looked after me for a couple of months a few years ago.

And Epsom is a cracking night out!!!
Mick Brennan ,you have my utmost respect, you will overcome the hurdles ahead.
I am truly humbled by your positive approach and I can do no more than wish you and your family all the best.
And all the very best to his colleague, Cpl (still?) H (I don't know if his name is in public domain), who, as not described by either this article or the DT one (see below), also lost both his legs in the same incident.

DT article

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