I got laughed at doing the haka

And you thought you'd bring that up on a loosely based Military themed website because?


Wow people. You build a bridge nobody calls you a bridge builder. You climb a mountain nobody calls you a mountain climber. You go to space nobody calls you an astronaut. You get your rear end reamed even once and everybody thinks you take it up the rear end. Fucking judgmental crowd.


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Are you not surprised? Nothing to do with your footwork at all, but tbh when was the last time you saw a 7 stone pissed wet through, fox piss smelling, freckly Gwar All Black?
John Gallagher?


I got laughed at doing the haka

Should I have started out with the left foot?
Is this why you got a beating from a load of poofs in that alley?
Some kind of dance they do on the last record in the Blue Oyster bar.

Sent from my sticky semen stained digits.
Are you a Noo Zilder?
If not you owe the Maori $NZ2,000 copyright infringement. Big Bro will be on your doorstep directly.

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