I good reason to bring back hard labour or the work house?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. I wonder how long she will get in jail. So she stole a few bob and gets jail and the cyclist killed someone and gets a fine ?
  2. Hard cases make bad law, dangerous cycling is a relativly monor offence normally as people aren't being killed in great numbers by cyclists, hence there is no power to imprison for it.

    Personally I am not in favour of the current vogue for jailing motorists who kill people by accident unless there are terrible aggravating factors (drink, stolen vehicle, scrote as suspect etc) it seems to me to be overtly harsh for something that could concevabbly happen to any motorist with just a mommentary laspe of concentration. and yes I have seen both sides of this argument.

  3. Benefits should be completely stopped for cases like this.

    Feckin sub species
  4. Does that mean if i stab someone in the eye with a lollipop stick i will only be fined because not many other people have done it?
  5. Scum. Sadly, they are not an isolated example of this type of family. Until the benefits system is reformed, this type of underclass family will flourish.

    I like their TV though - a 52" TV in a 56" room.


  6. They do not look too 'sorry' in the picture
    Bang them up, they may have a legal 'epiphany'
    Then again, they may not.
  7. sterilize the lot of them

    parasite scum
  8. The daughter doesn´t seem to like her mum much... by her body language. Unless she knows that is what is store for her should she not shape up.

    Sod banging ém up.

    They ow at least 40 grands worth of litter collection and graffitii scrubbing.
  9. Is this vision by any chance related to Karen Matthews, the Dewsbury Delight, she of the short-lost daughter? I see a striking resemblance in the graceful, lissom figure, the hauntingly beautiful face, the proud yet pretty set of the noble jawline and the wickedly coruscating eyes, so bright and darting with merry wit, mischievous high intelligence and - ah, dare one hope? - the subtle, torturous promise of untold carnal bliss in the fragrant intimacy of her belle époque boudoir. I think we should be told.

    On second thoughts, Zyklon-B is the ONLY answer.
  10. Just look at them, they will love prison, it would be like a family re-union and they would get 3meals a day paid for by us-Something it looks like they are used to. Saying that, have you all seen the gurning from the kipper faced ginge on the couch, Bit of lesbo love is all she could hope for. Looks like a melted welly!
  11. fully agree with Rattler (minging avatar mate), another prime case for compulsory sterilisation or fig 11 targets. Sponging cnuts :x
  12. Breaking rocks for 18 hours a day for FIVE years, as PAIN works!

    All we are doing now is pussyfooting around cos some liberal says it's against their human right, who is the victim?

    For many of these UNDER class, it's a way of life, with three squares and day, hot showers, free telephone and the list goes on. Not forgetting the water tight accomadation, where in the forces, you have to make do!
  13. I understand your sentiment and would agree, but £85,000 is not a few bob, not forgetting what she was getting for her real claim, which IMHO should be discontinued.
  14. Another reason why this country is going to the dogs.

    The welfare state was designed to help those who found themselves in difficulties due to being either temporarily, or due to to circumstances beyond their control long term, unemployed.

    In reality all it's managed to do is breed an underclass of feckless, lazy parasites and similar untermensche.