I get the best gifts.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by The_Snail, Aug 24, 2011.

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  1. He's such a lucky fella.

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  2. Are they pants? Do they have a hole front and back for equality's sake?
  3. It's a pinny. He spends more time in the kitchen than me.
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  4. Pinny
    ? I thought you asked for a Pony?
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  5. I'll get her a horse's head and leave it in bed for Christmas morning...........
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  6. She already owns a Horses head. Shame she wears it all the time.
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  7. I suspect the phrase she actually used was more like:-

    "WLTM BBM hung like a donkey. GSOH essential. Can accommodate"
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  8. Whats the Commander Royal Engineers got a Hurrah for!

  9. I sit back and await the rush of educated to steam in...........

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  10. Show off. Get back in the kitchen.
  11. Because he's got someone to make even more pies to put his fingers into.
  12. Cream pies?
  13. Fish and Finger pies (in summer)?
  14. Hope you got a discount for old stock. CRE changed to Wks Gp 10 years ago. Phone your supplier to see if you can change it for a modern one. Go on...
  15. I can't believe you dropped the "F" bomb and no ****** pulled you up for it, ffs!
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