I for Instructor?

Our new SPSI came on a recent weekend and gave us some lessons, damned well presented and good lessons they were too.

Now it's a long time since I was i first time around and I'm not sure that what I've seen in my first year back in has been all that representative but I'd rather thought of the PSI/SPSI role as being essentially one of doing admin tasks in the Coy office and rarely if ever turning up on a weekend.

The clue is in the title of course so how does it work out at your location? Does the AO and PSAO get the admin done and the SPSI and PSI sort out the training and give you valuable instruction based on their expertise and years of regular service?


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With in our Sqn that's more or less what happens, each PSI runs courses in their own discipline as well as doing admin tasks or providing gems of wisdom and guidance.
Our SPSI and PSIs do sort out the training program, and leave the admin to the PSAO and clerks.

Generally, they look to the TA Sqn members to provide instruction and fill in the gaps where this is not feasible.

For more specialised training, i.e. Bowman, they took the lead until the TA could get a few bods through the course, then handed over the reins, filling in when necessary on weekends due to absence of qualified personnel.

It seems to work well for us. If there is a TA member willing to do the course, they will (providing they are up to scratch as instructors) conduct the training. PSIs will cover the shortfall.
How does the system view them in theory? Instructors or Training programme managers? What should they be doing?
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They should be training enablers in all the guises that entails.

In an ideal world they will get their direction on what they should be training from the C0fC (Trg Maj, OC etc).

They will then produce a Trg Programme and pull all the disparate functions together. G1 for distribution of Programme (Orders, news letters etc), G4 for all stores accommodation matters etc.

They will then hand the Trg over to the responsible person (SSM, Trg SNCO etc) and be available for help, advice or instruction as necessary

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