I feel like a virgin

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Joe_Private, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. Chav estates will sell out quicker than they can ship it in over here.
  2. I expect that Yusuf will be along shortly to brag about it.
  3. So this stuff really IS gold dust!
  4. Pfft....just skip washing your foo foo until the cheese solidifies and sticks your beef curtains together!

    Instant virgin!
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  5. ~ Snigger! ~

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  6. Though they'd have to rebrand it from "18 Again" to "8 Again".
  7. I just bit into a cheese and ham toastie.

    Thanks for that.
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  8. There may be a lot of products, but they all come under the generic term "alcohol". Or is there another I'm missing out on?

    So they rub Johnson's Baby Oil (and maybe a wipe of a small chilli) on their hands to enhance a bloke's sexual pleasure?

    What's the cream for, again?
  9. I wonder if it works on women's mouths too! I'll slip some into her toothpaste tube...

    Would it be cruel to send some anonymously to some ladies (in need of a rebore) that I know?
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  10. Given the birth of little Krom 5 months ago, I feel like anything at the moment! Good Lady Judge Kromeriz told me not to fret, only another four months till Christmas. Purgatory working next to the swimming pool in the summer...
  11. AAGF


    Gawd you're disgusting - I like you!

    Re Thread Title - so do I, but where will we find one at this time of day?
  12. Thank you for that picture. How do I get it out of my mind?