I feel like a virgin

~ Snigger! ~

The makers of 18 Again, the Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company Ultratech, say it is the first of its kind in India (similar creams are already available in other parts of the world such as the USA), and fills a gap in the market.
But Ultratech's Rishi Bhatia says the fuss is unwarranted.
"Men have so many products they can buy to enhance their sexual pleasure...
There may be a lot of products, but they all come under the generic term "alcohol". Or is there another I'm missing out on?

...this is just putting sexual enhancement in the hands of women."
So they rub Johnson's Baby Oil (and maybe a wipe of a small chilli) on their hands to enhance a bloke's sexual pleasure?

What's the cream for, again?


How miffed would those talibans be if their 40 virgins where just chavs from Romford filled with gold dust cream... " yeah but see it feels like the first time if you whang your sausage up my minge, 'cause of this cream like!"
There was a rather irate Indian lady on R4 this morning claiming the whole problem was Indian men were lousy lovers and hung like maggots. Put that in your vagina and smoke it!

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