I feel like a right one

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by edd1989, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. I was just heading off to get a train back home today and I saw this bloke absolutely kick shitting some other guy. I just walked by. I didn't do anything.
    Whether or not I could have taken the bloke kicking the guy on the ground I don't know but I now feel like the worlds biggest C#NT for not doing anything.
    The fact I didn't do anything is now making think again about a career in the forces. It’s not that I am scared of what might happen but I feel that someone who wanted to join the forces would have done something.
    I should have done something.
    Anyone got any thoughts on this.
    Edd (the worlds biggest C#NT)
  2. the other guy might have just tried to mug the vioent guy who was an off duty soldier who thought he would give the guy a kicking.....
  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I don't think you should feel bad for not getting involved. You didn't know the circumstances or whwether he was armed, but but you could have called the police.
  4. The fact that you feel like a cnut should be enough for you to know it was wrong. Could have called plod if you were worried.
  5. hmmm, I dunno, I've "stepped in" before only to be cautioned by the boys in blue, who don't want to listen to the circumstances, they just want arrests......
  6. Don't feel a cnut, had you intervened the following things are likely to have happened happen...

    a) You get beaten too

    b) You get stabbed

    c) You get shot

    Or the more usual scenario in todays F*cked up arrse about face neue Arbeit paradise...

    d) You get arrested and charged with assault whilst the perpetrator has it away on his toes with the victims wallet.

    At least in the forces you are armed... of course you still get prosecuted for intervening then too but what the hell, at least the streets are safer to walk according to Sir Ian Bliar!!!
  7. should have called the cops for sure. they wouldnt have done anything but at least you would have eased your conscience.

    Alternatively you could have waded in, given the guy a good hiding and then been arrested yourself.

    Its a cruel world and it likes to play tricks on you!
  8. I've seen a freind end up doing comunity service for stepping so jumping in might not of been the best thing to do though having said that a call to the plod wouldn't of killed you!
  9. I am sure that even if I had the shit beaten out of me I would have felt better about it than just walking by.
    Or if I stepped in won and got arrested.
    The guy was a right chav, bleached hair, and baseball cap (knowing chav’s he probably had a samurai sword attached to his back. But even so, I should have done something. I just took the "not my fight, not my problem" attitude.
  10. Dont be so hard on yourself Edd, I'm guessing you're only 17 right? the fact that this has troubled your conscience is a good sign, and next time you'll probably get stuck in.
    You dont need to be naturally heroic to make a good soldier, training, and the confidence that comes with it, will allow you to overcome the fear and inertia that prevented you from reacting as you would wish to.
  11. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    But to answer your main point, it's no reason not to join up. I suspect most of us have done something we wish we'd done differently at the time. Learn for next time.
  12. that's true, there was this old slapper in La Linea in '88.......
  13. Bouillabaisse wrote: I suspect most of us have done something we wish we'd done differently at the time.

    Yes... like joining the f*cking army!!
  14. It's not the 'not my fight, not my problem' that most people feel, it's the 'I could get stabbed, arrested, murdered etc'. Maybe you should have done something, but it's only natural to think of your own well being first.
  15. These things happen to the best of us.

    Next time, discretely take off all your clothes (perhaps leaving your shoes on-dog mess on the pavement etc)
    Gently massage your genitals (I'm assuming you're male) until you get an erection, pull your best 'war face' and run screaming towards the melee.

    I guarantee you'll break up the fight, and thus be a hero.

    Anything that happens afterwards, I can't be held responsible for.