I feel defiled

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DeeJay, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. I've just used the word 'holistically' in an essay, I'm scum and think that some form of penance is required.
  2. Hmm - I see your point. The word is rather wussy and girlie.

    Go and do something manly for a while as penance. I'd recommend a long run followed by an hour drinking beer.

  3. It gets worse ... I used 'synergistic' as well, in the same sentence!

    I'm just off to sign out the mess Webley and book transport to Bridgend.
  4. someone else who feels my pain, the word comes up time and time again in my essays, am I not a man? Am i supposed to feel ashamed?
  5. You are a fcuking disgrace :evil:

    Sat three Our Fathers, Three Hail Mary's, Three Golry Be's and

    Go and have a left handed wnak - if you are left handed then make it a right handed wnak :D

    And don't do it again you left wing f@ggot.

    Oh and chuck out the muesli! :oops:
  6. its time to sign up for fight club :twisted:
  7. Good man - settle your mess bill and do the decent thing.


  8. I don't even know what those words mean, maybe I should use them once in a while anyway - it's all just gobble-de-gook anyway....
  9. I must be a real man then as i don't even know what it means. :D
  10. DeeJay wrote: 'I've just used the word 'holistically' in an essay'


    Don't feel ashamed, there were 6 million Jews who died in the Holistically.
  11. and you used the word penance, you're on a slippery slope :x
  12. Fool! Now you've blown our cover. You never ever admit to using crap phrases like that in anything other than a management report, where it belongs.

    The first rule of Shite Club is: you don't talk about Shite Club.
  13. there,s no spare trees in bridgend mate,you could use my bannister though i,m not too far from the suicide town. :wink:
  14. Don't need a tree, I've got a Webley.

    Well I will have once the civvie contractors start work, probably need to fill out a risk assessment as well, wouldn't want to hurt myself while doing the honourable thing.
  15. you,ll need a fcuking risk assessment to get into bridgend these days,the news trucks and chippy reporters are a big fcuking hazard!!if you get a stoppage my bannister offer still stands! :D