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I fancy a brew - should I have tea, or coffee?

Tea or coffee?

  • Tea, you chav.

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  • Coffee - stop posing you ponce

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I was personally slated when I called upon the wisdom of the Arrse to help me with my sandwich choice. However I am bigger than that and my advice is always go for the coffee - let the wife make the tea and do all that fiddling with teabags, pots or strainers. Even the machiney thing we have is less hassle...

As for Blandford Fly - a most palatable summer ale indeed. not so nice with milk and two sugars however...


Book Reviewer
Instant coffee from the git-go, followed by more instant coffee as the day progresses. On a hot day, it is indeed nice to have a quality Ginger Beer to refresh oneself - and nothing does it so well as this.

Tea is for anal people who like to make sure the light switch is DEFINITELY off by flicking it half a dozen times whenever they leave a room. Is it brewed, is it the right consistency, is it the right colour, maybe I'll try and put some milk in to hide the film of scum on the top . . . . DAMN, the colour is too dark!
I used to cringe at the long queues going into the 'Green Beans Cafe' in Camp Victory of the Americans getting their daily Quota of caffeine, but saw the light when one of the Americans we worked with thrust a Cafe Latté Frappé (I kid you not! that's what it's called!) under my nose to try... Absolute Amber Nectar!!! converted me and the other Brits from Earl Grey Char Wallers to Caffeine addicted Latte Frappe fans, we got that bad we would ask for double espressos to be added to add to the buzz 8)

Don't mock it til you try it, but I promise you there is no turning back once you have delved in the dark side that is Cafe Latté Frappé!
Tea FFS!! Should only ever be tea (not that fruit shite that seems to pervade the german places either!), British Empire was built on the stuff don'tcherknow! Harrumph!

Coffee?? Coffee?? Foul muck, fit only for yanks and poofters.

Edited to add: Except in the case of Starbuck's and Costa - then it becomes overpriced foul muck!

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