I drink to your memory - circa 1966

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. Stumbling around d'net recently I came across this record by Mitch Millar which we used to listen to in Benghazi in 1966, courtesy of BFBS. ( Does it still exist...BFBS that is?) Anyway the BBC refused to play it when I requested it on Sounds of the Sixties....something to do with political correctness..whatever that is. Anyway the sounds of a drunken letter writer sounds as true today as it was when we actually wrote letters. What do you the younger generation think of this.....does it sing???? Or are you politically correct too....with a constrained sense of humour?

    YouTube - Mister (Mitch) Murray - "I Drink To Your Memory" - CLEAR version! - '66
  2. Got a link?
  3. I was around in 66, but I don`t remember that. You nicked 3 minutes of my life Shagnasty.
  4. I remember listening to this as a pads brat in Germany in the 70's. BFBS used to play this a lot. Brought a few memories back indeed!
    I mem to your drinkary.......... classic!
  5. I know. But you enjoyed it didn't you!
  6. No. I remember "Down came the rain" though.
  7. Don't forget we're in the EU!

    Chamois Leather
  8. Silly me I all ways thought the song was called I memmed to your Drinkeries!!