I dream of.....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jagman, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. A country with strong armed forces, including a Navy that could defend the whole coastline.
    Politicians that remember their place is to serve the country.
    A country where corruption is punished.
    A tax burden that we can all afford.
    Laws that punish those who do wrong and not those who just want to get by.
    Democracy that actually represents the people.
    A honest approach to climate change instead of using a monstrous lie to tax us to death.
    A country were in-comers must adapt to us and not the other way around.
    An end to massive waste of tax payers money and a reduced tax cost.
    Police who enforce sensible law, not party policy.
    A country that follows its own line, not follows the USA like a lapdog.
    A country where industry is allowed to make money and actually produce things.
    A place that looks after its own people 1st, last and all the time.

    I know I can never expect to see any of these things but it would be nice.
    Bored with shouting at the telly and hurling things at it in frustration, anybody got any idea how to make any of it happen?
  2. And now welcome to the real world... unfortunately :oops:
  3. hmm, that'd be nice, but it'll never happen!!

  4. You realise GCHQ have picked this up and the Neu Arbeit Thought Police are on the way???? :x
  5. :( I did say its a dream.
    Jesting aside, it is increasingly difficult to accept what this country has become, I am proud of being British, I never want to be anything else.
    It would be easy to up sticks and leave the country for greener pasture but I feel that would be abandoning my home to the likes of Gordon Brown.
    I want Britain to be my country, I want those selling it down the river stopped. Just wish I had the power to stop them.
    Lots of bright people lurk around Arsse, perhaps somebody can think of a way to reverse the mess this country has slipped into?
  6. I know how to make it happen;

    JC for PM and the Coup we all dream of...