I drank my own body weight (and that is alot) in rum.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FoxyBrown, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. Anyone else care to join me?
  2. Only if those funbags in your avatar are yours.. :twisted:
  3. How much do you weigh ? two ounces
  4. Was there a particular reason for this rum-excess, or is it a nightly activity?
  5. i don't there is any truth to this story. it is just rum-our control :)
  6. She's in fact a hamster, so I wuldn't pay much attention...
  7. i think we could have our own candidate thread for the arrsehole :)
  8. No thanks. However, I woudn't mind battering you around the head with a floorboard. Interested?
  9. hmmmmmmmmm............................body weight...........................rum..................cue tumbleweed


    FFS! If you are going to post something make it bl00dy worthwhile! You may as well have said "Today I discovered I had a fungal toenail infection". Or, "would anyone care to join me in filling a wet suit full of Swarfega and rolling down a hill?" You have just wasted five minutes of my life, which by the way is getting frygging shorter all the time. So do me a favour and Fcuk Your Rum!

    :x Rant Rant Rant...............

  10. How can I join you. You've already drunk it.
  11. Rum is for Gay Navy types...I prefer a few pints of Wife beater, or some very dodgy 1664 that is served in the Mess!
  12. Relax people, i didnt realise there was so much hostility out there. I apologise for the apparent waste of time, just testing the water on my first entry.....aaah memories. The funbags are not mine but similar. The rum drinking is not a nightly occurance as unfortunately i work from a location where foreign chums have banned such pleasures. Any tips on self entertainment now the rum is finished?
  14. Oh my god! the Squaddie C0ck Hunters are now polluting the Int Corps forum, we're f*ckin doomed.

    Try the 'SCH' thread in the arrsehole.

    Davros, get your sorry ass in gear and dump this in the arrse hole.
  15. Hmm.. realisitcally if we are going to get some SCH action in here it's a good thing. What we do have though is a reputation for a higher class of female in the Corps, thus logic would suggest that any SCH action we get should be equally high class or the troops will start a revolt!

    Let's see some pics then! If you're a bogger then you can go try the NAAFI bar though... Or AF and CR can 'deal with you'.