I dont want to spoil a condolences thread, so.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. .......58_Pattern

    Just what do You mean by this??????

    Do You mean that we are losing men because of the incompetence of generals?????

    Or do You mean that our tactics on the ground are wrong???

    Please elucidate because at the moment Your diatribe soundslike so much arrse
  2. I dont think the last post was about tactics or Generals. I feel it was a statement of feeling about losing troops in Combat, Seeing the death toll start to rise at an alarming rate (but i could be wrong)
  3. So he is equating losing over 20,000 in a day with our losses over the last few days??? A tenuous link and not something that could be held up to the light.

    Personally, I think he is using the deaths to make a cheap, petty political point which - considering it was on the thread it was - is somewhat contemptuous
  4. Lets wait and see what the guy has to say I agree it was wrong to put it on the condolences thread, however i think you might be over reacting
  5. I'm largely in agreement with Sven on this one (whilst conceding that 58_Pattern may not have made his point particularly well).

    A comparison of British losses today with those on the Somme is clearly unworkable, both numerically and historically. For that matter, what not mention the Second World War, or Korea, or Suez, or Northern Ireland?

    I believe that Sven is taking issue with what he views as the attempt (whether intended or not we do not know) to equate the two conflicts. The 'war is pointless' brigade often attempt to do this, getting all weepy about something and some people (namely soldiers) about which they actually know little and care even less.
  6. I did not see 58 Pattern's remark in the condolences thread but I suspect he was paying his respects, felt strongly about the sad, tragic deaths of our fellow servicemen and compared it to the Somme.

    A polite PM from SVEN to 58 Pattern clearing up any misunderstandings IMO is all that was necessary. I don't however think it suitable to start a thread condemning a man who was paying his respects. A bit unfair and hurtful jumping down someones throat like that.
  7. Reading the quote in the spirit of the rest 58_Pattern's original post I would have said he's simply expressing his deep sorrow at our fallen. The reference to the Somme being perhaps contextual to the vulnerability of our troops in these Godforsaken places and was cited as a comparative over other conflicts possibly because as he attended a commemorative event yesterday? That's often the trouble with the written word - the intended inflection can have many interpretations.

  8. Agreed doom! :)
  9. Sorry Sven. Having searched through the threads for what had riled you and reading 58 Pattern's post in its entirety, I think you might be extrapolating too much from what he said and both taking offence and detecting political bias where none seemed to be intended. He reads to me like he is simply an ex-soldier simply sympathetic to the current situation.
  10. Perhaps he was meaning that as WW1 was supposedly the war to end wars then it is a terrible shame that now 90 years later we are still losing our finest in battle
  11. Surely 58_Pattern should be invited onto this thread if only to clear the air?
  12. Or maybe 58_Pattern was making a reference to Lions led by Donkies.
  13. We are dying!

    I say we because I believe every soldier hurts and therefore dies a bit when each nirep comes through confirming another death!

    We are dying! :(
  14. And what point would that be then?

    Ditto Doom.
  15. July 1 1916 Total numbers in the British army =2.6 million

    Total deaths at the Somme - 19,240 or 7.39% of the army.

    Sept 3 2006 Total number in the British army =102,440

    Deaths in question = 14 or 0.0136% of the army.

    Only another 7683 to go until we get to the casualty figures of ONE DAY in 1916.