I dont know my left from my right.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SKJOLD, Jan 14, 2005.

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  1. I admit that when a conversation turns to allegiance to the political left or right I have not got a clue why this term is used.
    What policies/opinions determine whether you are left or right.
    I dont have clue so can someone explain? :?

  2. Your political compass
    Economic Left/Right: -4.25
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.28

    I took the test, feck, Im nearly a communist. 8O
    Im over to the left about as far as the BNP and the Greens but slap bang between the two.

    If you take the test youll understand.

  3. Some people think in terms of left and right and some people think in terms of a circle.

    Hitler is regarded as right wing, cos he said he hated the Jews before killing them.

    Stalin is regarded as left wing because he said he loved the workers before killing them.

    They are of course the extremes.

    In the UK at the moment the the left wing are the sort who want state controlled everything and and people to do as they are told because the left knows whats best for them. They are supported by and large by the (especially lower) middle classes, teachers etc, and lots of media type peeps who earn small fortunes and talk about 'caring'. This is not the case in the North East where the bulk of the population support the Labour because it is the party of the working class. In return the Labour party makes sure of its support by keeping the North East poor and stupid.

    The right wing are those people who want to live their lives with as little intereference from anyone else as possible. They are vilified by the left. The exception is in the South where blue rinsed old dears want to tell everyone what to do.

    And you think you are confused
  4. Just done the test and it says that I am slightly left of centre and slightly below the authoritarian centre line.

    As a chap who was disappointed with Maggie for her left wing agenda I take this as a huge insult.
  5. I was almost spot in the middle, which surprised me - I thought I'd be up there with Maggie as well...

    ... mind you, I'm suspicious of the methodology - some of the questions are distinctly along the lines of "have you stopped beating your wife?".... I wonder if the thing is slanted (yes, I read Q1 of FAQs), perhaps to help convince people they are fluffy bunnies at heart? Who is behind this site??

    ... in Russia currently, the "right wingers" are the Stalinist die-hards, whereas this "political compass" has Stalin as "Authoritarian Left"....

  6. I did this test a while ago and concluded that it'd try to convince Atilla the Hun and Ghenghis Khan they were left wing and, therefore, ought to vote for the appropriate party.

    Bullsh*t to lure in the unsuspecting
  7. I came out at about centre, and 80% libertarian.

    The synopsis given on political compass is pretty spot on as to what left and right mean (i.e. state control & property rights). Calling the BNP "right wing" is stupid, since they are proper National Socialists, with the correct quota of socialism. In other words, they're left-wing racist f*cks.
  8. ugh, im a fluffy liberal lefty 8O 8O 8O

    i am severly disapointed with that test. I thought i would be up near the first lady of british politics as i tend to agree with 99% of her policys.

    Your political compass
    Economic Left/Right: -2.12
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.10

    agent smith

    PS i do think that this quiz is slightly skewed towards the left and there are a number of loaded questions which the government seem to be considering at this time. Did it raise any other eyebrows or should i put on my tinfoil hat?
  9. Your political compass
    Economic Left/Right: -1.88
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.72

    Bloody commie :evil:

    Usual bullshiit :roll:
  10. Your political compass
    Economic Left/Right: -3.50
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.54
  11. your almost gahndi 8O
  12. I think its BS personally.
  13. Second that.
  14. Middle of the top right hand corner for me, unsurprisingly!