I don't get TA training...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by copper_knobblet, Nov 24, 2003.

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  1. I don't understand how TA training works. I notice some units seem to do 2, 3, 5 7 or 8 weekends before you do a two week course. Is there a rule? Also, I notice that TA infantry and Engineers seem to do 8 weekends and then go straight to trade training (CEC or CIC).

    I've just done a two weekend TAFS course with the AMS and I get to go to either Pirbright or Lichfield for the Rec Cse, those before me went to some place calle Strensall. Why do some units train in the ATRs and other don't. And what exactly has TAFs changed, I was the one of the first reruits to have to do this with my unit. Is TAFs the two weekends of drill and powerpoint or does it vary in length from unit to unit.

    Is there any method to this madness?
  2. That'd be the first reply...
  3. In my experience it depends on the unit. I have served with two different units. The first was a REME workshop - some time ago now- that was attached to an Artillery unit. Training for this unit was 'farmed out' to the REME TA HQ (next door to SEME) and my trade training was conducted at SEME during two week courses. There were exceptions to this, in that my Class 1 gun fitter course had me visiting SEME on my own for a couple of days to sit the exam and manufacture the required final test job. The reason for the expeditious behaviour was because the unit needed me to be at that level of qualification for their own purposes.

    The other unit - a Signals unit - conducted their trade training entirely in-house. This involved regular visits to the Regt HQ for lessons spread out over a number of weekends - I found this less than satisfactory as it tended to spead some individual lessons over different weekends. It did, however allow you to complete your training without eating into your two week camp (some people cannot afford too many fortnights away from the 'real job')

    As far as I have experienced, basic military training is conducted in much the same manner - that is - it depends on which unit you are a member of.
  4. TA training - in my experience - changes constantly. The cynic would say it allows ambitious officers to get a tick in the box for their tour in reorganising and leading change, and any other explanations are welcome.

    However, after a while the wheel turns full circle and you get back to where you started.
  5. 8O
    It doesn't help when the 2 week course constantly shift their entry requirements.
    Asolutely right but oftens its regs not offrs
  6. msr

    msr LE

    ...and just who do you think writes the regs?

  7. Copper,

    Training requireenst defined by HQ Land, sylabus distributed by them and brigades etc define who delivers it used to be a Bn level. Course then validated by them so nobody gets to deliver unless course qualified.

    TAFS is just powerpoint and drill but can act as a first stage selection (we got to sack some useless individuals recently - saved time later). Can consist of 1 or 2 weekends depends how much time is spent working late on the evening. Then Phase 1 continues with 7 weekends of common skills, more drill, NBC, SAA, First Aid and Map Reading.

    Phase 2 for infantry requires a 2 week course that until recently was always held at Catterick howeever thsi has been moved to all sports of places wherevere they can be accomodated (CIC full of regulars?) and has been to Strensall where they did CIC for a couple of years in the mid 90's, they even ran a course in Brecon (lucky recruits, durch).

    This style is likely to continue for a while until they decide it is no longer working and have proved it does not and will then go back to a 4 or 5 weekend course which allows units to recruit and repopulate a lot faster (when their Telic gangs all come back and resign).
  8. My training was split in to 3 parts
    Part 1- 2 Weekends power point, drill, physical.

    Part 2 – This was meant to be a 2 week course but I was exempt this as I have been in the army cadet force for 7 years and got my APC 4 star award,

    Part 3 - 5 weekends mil skills

    Then on to officer training which so far has been 3 weekends and a unit selection board
  9. If they think your a smartarse and dont need to do 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and then CIC then they'll miss out some basic training weekends.

    E.G some ex-regs dont bother with Mod1 the "Look at life" bollocks

    Everything varies from unit to unit