I don't f*cking believe this

UK restates nuclear threat

Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon says Saddam Hussein "can be absolutely confident" the UK is willing to use nuclear weapons "in the right conditions".

Words fail me. If you want to make UK PLC the target of every raghead nutter who can't wait for his quota of perfumed virgins, you have gone exactly the right way about it.

When Bush made this threat, everyone just thought "Tosser" . Clinton already told Saddam that, and he knows, uneasy detente established, Bush just moving his jaw.

Now we're saying, "We'll lob our fcuking nukes in too"?

We're telling the world we will use Nukes, in "extreme self-defence"?

What conditions would these be Mr. Hoon? If we were getting our (God forbid) arrses kicked by numerically superior tank formations etc, ot just if Saddam blanketed the FEBA in nasty Petri dishes?

Christ on a bicycle you moron, you just upped the stakes dramatically. The UK WAS seen as the voice of reason and the calming influence. We just lost that moral high ground

PTP, don't know why you moved this to the NAAFI, it's feeking serious enough to warrant Current Affairs.

Call me cynical (MDN, feek off, I said cynical), but I've said it in other threads.  The world seems to go every fifty years or so and then gets into a massive conflict.  I think we are WELL over due a world punch up.  Only this time, some of us have nukes.  
Well I disagree with the lot of you!  Nuke 'em Tony, the conditions are just fine!  All that prolonged radiation will save us from yet another crap posting and thereby reduce 'overstretch'.  And besides, we'll soon have plenty of unemployed firemen to resettle.  You see, I've thought well ahead of you all.  Get with the programme men! ;)


nukes a cracking idea!!!!!!!!!!!

oops sorry went a bit mad for a couple of secs there!. Must remember to keep taking the pills. What a top government we have voted into power. All thats missing are some chaps in brown shirts and the odd propaganda march or two.

Makes me think back to times gone by. Quite frankly can't wait to build a bunker under my stairs with some doors I've taken off the lavvy and to spend my time eating beans out of tins in between leaving my heavily decomposing radio-active family outside for the troops to pick up.

Not likely to be a response from Iraq. However, if in doubt don't look at the blast and lie facing towards it with your arms tucked securely under your body etc etc.

If all else fails call the UK government on www.followtheyanksupandovertoglory.com



I was gob smacked when I heard one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse on Breakfast with Frost this morning.  

Is there any possibility that someone has already added something to the water in the house of commons?  Everyone seems to be talking complete bollox!

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