I Don't Care Who Kills Them Just as Long As They're Dead

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by PTGymrat, Apr 22, 2004.

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  1. So apparently the NY Times has been wringing its hands over "shadow soldiers"--private Security forces in Iraq run by pvt security companies who do bad things like protect Coalition members and company employees and prevent their getting smoked.
    "Security in a hostile fire area is a classic military mission. Delegating this mission to private contractors raises serious questions." (Jack Reed, D, Armed Services Committee).
    OK so there's 20K of them, twice as many as Brits or the 26.5K troops from other than US countries.
    So maybe this is outsourcing? If civvies in the US can work as security officers and maybe snuff a perp why not in Iraq which is full of bad-tempered and bad-acting perps? Relieves our Military of some of the burden and might actually help prevent the kind of thing that happened in Fallujah.
    What's the matter with these people? Don't they ever pick up a copy of Soldier of Fortune?
    Maybe I'm still all wet and stupid.
    Pass me another warm pub brew.

  2. I hear ya on this one...
    What they are failing to mention to the general public is that alot of these private security companies hire special forces vets, some of which could teach our troops more than a thing or two.

  3. What "serious questions" does it raise? As well, I would bet dollars to doughnuts that outfits like the CIA are hiring these companies to employ "methods and means" that might not be sanctioned if employed by uniformed troops.

    Need to make sure that someone is captured "Dead" vice "Dead Or Alive"? Need to utilize overwhelming force, vice all reasonable force? Need prisoners to answer your pressing questions now, but you aren't allowed to use the means of persuasion necessary? Well, hire the company that can! Receipts provided, no answers provided to any questions asked by Congress. Sounds like a winning combo to me.
  4. Hiring vets? has there been an outbreak of foot and mouth in Basra that they are keeping quiet? Furthermore, why do the vets have to be special forces trained? Do they do HALO drops into chicken pens perhaps?
  5. I don't see the big deal here. Since man has been fighting, there has always been men and women who would hire themselves out to the highest bidder, some would even go so far as to sell their souls to both sides. Just who do these bleeding heart liberals think we are fighting in Iraq? It sure to hell ain't Iraqis. According to the DOD news service(?), only about seven to ten per cent of the fighters are from Iraq, the rest are from countries other than Iraq, do the math.

    Soldiers of fortune are a way of life for a very large number of former military personnel, not restricted to the US of A. Germany, England as well as Russia provide a large number of these merc's to companies and other governments who are willing to pay for their services.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the CIA is using "others" in their service to do what the regular' s can't do.
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  7. Why do you think those "methods and means" aren't sanctioned? Do you think that it is to avoid incidents such as Abu Grahib happening? People are applying the civvy way of interpreting laws - i.e. you sail as close to the wind as you can and use loopholes if possible, in order to make a profit. That way you can't go to jail. This is in no way the same context - surely you should work within the spirit of the law - the Iraqis don't care whether 'technically according to page 31, para 14b....' you didn't break the law because you are using mercenaries, they just see it as foreigners torturing prisoners, capturing someone dead rather than alive etc. You may make short term gains but long term......
    mercenaries, sorry private contractors or whatever they want to call themselves could possibly be used in the defence of installations owned by foreign companies but should not be used to carry out what would be illegal operations if attempted by military forces.
  8. Lets not forget that there are thousands of non iraqi muslims in iraq fighting against the coalition forces, these scum, unlike the private security hired by the coalition, saw peoples heads off.
  9. agreed, but aren't we at least meant to be trying to take the moral high ground here as well as trying to win the hearts and minds. If we were to win the hearts and minds then foreign muslims may not be such a problem. As i said, short term contractors may accomplish much, but I worry about the long term ramifications....
  10. These muslims are not fighting just for iraq they are fighting against the west against non muslims, sod the moral high ground, they have no morals .

    If they are not fighting against the west in iraq it could be london next.
  11. i pretty much agree with notmesir...

    armourer - how can you say "sod the moral high ground"??... if we are gonna be successful in iraq then we need to keep the people onside - this is a hearts and minds job... that means taking the moral high ground and holding it... something i'd say the brits have done and the yanks have failed to do... probably partially explains why the south of iraq is a bit calmer....

    soldiers are given a huge amount of power... they have the right to use violence... with that must come checks and balances... private military companies are not subject to the same controls as the army... that's why they are a bad idea in the long run... at some stage they will abuse someone and it will all come out in the press and will only set the iraq project back...