I do wonder if perhaps the PR bods are being a bit lax?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Just visited
    Ministry of Defence | Defence News | People In Defence | Afghanistan through the eyes of UK soldiers

    And my simple question is, who writes this shite?

    Example 1
    '''Into the Hornet's Nest' captures on camera a daring mission deep into enemy territory''

    Do the Taliban actually have a FLET with which to defend against daring missions?

    Example 2
    ''Troop surges in 2010 forced the Taliban to fight dirty''

    When have they ever fought clean?
    And who actually surged?

    Example 3
    ''Captain Andrew Griffiths suffered severe injuries when he was caught in an explosion whilst leading his platoon''
    Condolences to the family of the officer but grammar question, what do they mean by leading? As in at the front or as in being in command of.

    When are the MOD going to save a shitload of money and reduce their PR people.

    Thoughts please.
  2. Enemy territory = territory controlled by the Taliban.

    Leading a platoon = being in command of.

    Glad to have helped.
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  3. Ta very much like.

    Issue, press releases are for general public, hence different perspectives.

    Secondly, the Taliban are portrayed as an insurgency, which generally do not hold territory. Happy to be corrected!

    And I still think the money could be better spent elsewhere in the military.
  4. Done well, PR could make the army's job easier by giving Joe Public a better understanding of what it's all about.

    Trouble is, it's rarely done well. Willing to be corrected, but I get the impression the job of writing this stuff is given to people with zero experience of actually doing the stuff they write about.

    There's some rare old bollox on this site, but there's also some excellent writing, which disproves any assumption that you have to be a civvie with a degree in communication studies to write decent PR copy.
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  5. Caught on camera, why not some civvie journo bullet magnets as well :)

    With all the latest developments in kit we'll be getting head lamps and cameras incorporated into our helmets as such

  6. Although he looked like Elmer Fudd on acid, Josef Goebels certainly did a better job! (lights blue touch paper and retires....)
  7. PR is a non job for no marks.
  8. Your question about terry having a FLET is valid. When briefing members of the PRT on H8 , I was pulled up for using this term when talking about the GMR AO. Always along the line of “this is an insurgency, there is no front line, the Taliban do not have a FLET”.

    This of course was utter bollocks as it was clear to anyone how had actually come down to the bloody place (Pre Op Arda Wosa ) that it was more like static trench warfare than an insurgency . The troops in the rifle pls would rotate out of Fob Delhi to a collection of forward positions (Hamburger hill, JTAC Hill et al) and slog it out with Terry who were dug in in a line of fortified kalays. This was more like a WW1 situation than an insurgency.

    I put this down to an inability to except the fact that we had bitten off more than we could chew down there and that far from fixing terry, he had fixed us to prevent us from interrupting his supply lines from the South. After Op Arda Wosa (May 08) when the USMC, 24 MEU came down and gave us a master class in the application of force. It was clear that it would have been impossible to achieve these results with one Infantry coy group as we had been trying to do up till then.

    Having talked to people in the other AOs SGN, MSQ etc the feeling I had was that we only ever really had any influence within the arcs of are weapons (excluding dead ground). If the MOD are now using terms such as FLET it can only mean that the mask of self delusion is starting to slip and they are more prepared to except the truth of the situation and give credit to the guys on the ground that were trying to make an (at best) half arsed plan for Helmand work.
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  9. I can relate to this, I was in Delhi in 07 for 3 months.

    We had 2 x CP's and JTAC as our forward edge so to speak, every 2 or 3 nights we would go out to give the TB a bloody nose and drive them back, we would then fall back to the FOB for a day or 2 and meanwhile the TB filled the void once again!

    Garmsir was described as the trunk that fed the tree and the TB's version of PDT before they headed N.
  10. The examples in the original post are reminiscent of current BBC language ...... Say no more.
  11. Interesting comments. To be fair, the MOD article has the phrase "deep into enemy territory" but it doesn't mention FLET as such. The article is a puff for the BBC programme, which is worth watching, avail on iPlayer.

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  12. I have some sympathy for the MOD position. The challenge they've got is to balance the need to get accurate coverage, with the need to get coverage at all.
    while there is inherently a lot of interest in the MOD and military matters, it isn't something that people want to read weighty tactical tomes on. The Boys Own style of writing reflects trying to push this article to a readership who aren't military minded, who do know we have troops on HERRICK and are proud of what they do, and who quite like reading tales of derring do.
    Its an impossible situation - if you tried pushing out a post patrol report as a press release it would never be carried and we'd be pilloried for releasing incomprehensible gash. Put out something more accessible and the MOD is being pilloried for being lightweight and loose with language.

    A final point - its easy to knock press releases, but have you tried writing one? They (e.g. the numerous serving personnel and small number of civil servants at MOD comms) are reliant on the information provided to them by the front line, and if the information is gash, or incorrect, then that will show in the press release.
  13. ....who ponce about the HQ conveying a misplaced sense of importance spouting sh*t mantras such as "Oh London won't like this". Drama Queens as well as no marks.