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I Div Tpt Regt RCT Liebenau Reunion May 18, 19, 20 Harrogate

Some of the old and bold who lurk around here who had the pleasure of serving in Liebenau may be interested to know of a reunion taking place over the weekend 18th - 20th May in Harrogate.

Further details can be found by going to:


Once there move on to the 12 Squadron page, you will then find all necessary details under the Reunion 2007 topic. This will be the fourth consecutive year of the event which switches between UK and Liebenau. Every year there are more old sweats coming out of the woodwork resulting in increasingly thicker heads.

My apologies (and symapathy) to those that may get frustrated at me advertising an RCT do on the RLC forum.....

Thank you for your attention.


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