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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobbin101, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. Browsing a copy of the metro this fair morn' I came across this article...


    So this stupid little t1t is carrying a blade, she has taken a weapon to school, she should at least get the thrashing of her life for this, and her parents a meeting without coffee from Mr. Plod..

    as for the mong of a teacher

    He should be taken round the back of the bike shed for a shoeing, surely to Hades his main priority is the care and protection of the children not armed, it's not like she picked up a pair of scissors off the table in a hissy fit, this was a premeditated act...

    What the in Hades is wrong this damnable country!
  2. A 'love spat' she's 7 for christ sake.
  3. Chill bobin - it was over a boy so at least she is planning to have a (free) house and (benefit) income soon..... :roll:
  4. I entirely agree: at seven years old, she is old enough to be fully aware of all the ramifications of her actions - clearly a pre-meditated act, where she intended to stab another child. She should at the very least be suspended (despite the head teacher assessing that it was a one-off incident): no other way of dealing with the situation apart from a knee-jerk punishment is warranted. As to being given the thrashing of her life? Abso-bloody-lutely: let's beat children until they bleed so that the little shi ts fully understand that violence is wrong. An excellent post, bobbin.
  5. It was a premeditated act ... by a 7 year old. She and her parents have been talked to, the other kids have had a talking to from the plod. What's the problem? It was a totally balanced responce. What would you have done, lock her up and throw away the key?
  6. I don't know what I would have done, but I know what my dad would have done if I'd done it.......... he'd have knocked seven shades of shite out of me for being a stupid twat.
  7. When children and I mean children not YOOFS were suitably scared of authority, we didn't have all this PC cr4p that we have now!! If I spoke in class ( yes I'm THAT old!) I got a board rubber made of a large lump of wood aimed at my head...my physics teacher being a marvellous shot! Conequently I didn't talk in class....or took a knife to school or answered my teachers back or swore at a policeman or adults! in short we fricking well behaved because we knew there was a consequence to our actions and that was a caning from the school followed by a slippering from our Dads!!

    Now of course having a lump of wood thrown at me in school would mean the suspension of the teacher and me getting a psychologist!
  8. At 7, I had a collection of about 6 knives; can't remember taking them to school and don't think I was ever told not to.
  9. Couldn't agree more: back in the Golden Age, there was no crime and no violence, because children knew their place. Beating children for every offence is always the right way to deal with infractions: there's no way that anything other than hanging or flogging is at all effective. In any case, clearly the only two options are either leathering children or allowing them to do everything their own way, as the PC Brigade desires: there's no possibility of a middle ground. Bring back the birch!
  10. As many of us did, when reading your thread title.
  11. Balanced response? As far as the kid's aware, deliberately taking a knife to school to threaten her friends is clearly not a big deal. That's the problem.
  12. ... some (double edged) steak knife!

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  13. Note the use of semantic language to down-play the seriousness of an event. The use of the words: "showed 'X' the knife" which downplays the actuality: "threatened 'X' with the knife".

    There is something entirely artificial about 'showing' someone a knife in the middle of a heated argument as opposed to 'threatening' someone with it!
  14. We should kill children at birth, that would be the solution. Those that are older than a year old we can just beat with sticks in order to instill in them an idea of how bad violence is.
  15. As so many subscribe to the "Starship Troopers" puppy training procedure for children. You don't always need to thrash the life out of a dog for it to know it's done wrong.

    If the child had been suspended etc and the full weight of the law applied you can guarantee the outrageometer would be up about wasting police time and a PC overreaction of a "mong" teacher.