I didnt think this happens!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by C5H12O, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. Not sure what thread to post this in but ill try here....this i got off the PPRUNE forum, (plane type stuff!) and was amazed at how the thread starter had the gall to comment on it!! I for one are in the " you use it, you dirty it, you clean it!" type of thinking, except the bloke who stands at the front of my Regt on parade!!

  2. in_the_cheapseats

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  3. Indeed. A complete knob. If the Sqn Ldr concerned hasn't got the man management skills to deal with a situation like this he shouldn't be commissioned.
  4. Not only that, but it gets very insulting about OR's and the Army later on - 'Army major would get his man to do it' :evil:
  5. I wouldnt expect an officer to clean a landy post exercise .And if it was some civilian hire car I guess just fuel it up and hand it back unless he had taken a short cut through a farm cant see why mt are getting a snot on ?
  6. Auld-Yin

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    Sqn Ldr = Major.

    Now how many majors do you lot know who would have taken a rebuke over the phone from the MT for returning a car unwashed.

    The person phoning would be marking time outside the major's office for 20 minutes prior to explaining him/herself to said major. (Unless they were of greater rank than the major)

    When are the crabs going to realise that they are supposedly in the armed forces and therefore part of a disciplined force?
  7. It seems, from the PPRUNE thread, that it's in MT orders (and thus applicable to all drivers), that cars are supposed to be returned clean by the driver. If this were me, I'd probably stick the car through the MT car wash - most big stations have a garage-stylee rotating brush thing - but if I were pressed for time, or in best uniform or suit, I'd just be polite and pleasant with the MT staff, explain, and ask them to sort it out. I've never had a problem either whilst serving or when living and working, until recently, on an RAF base.

    Edited to add, to Auld-Yin, that much of RAF MT is now civilianised, and populated by tooth-sucking, sharp intake of breath types. Pop round the back and have a chat to the FS, and sorted in 30 secs, usually.

    As for Majors putting up with crap from MT - they do it all the time at HQNI, whose MT Sqn is quite the most useless I have ever come across. 'Flight at 1230 sir? We'll pick you up at 0700 because we've got someone going on the 0900 flight too.' A colleague of mine (a major, oddly enough), recently returned fuming from the airport having arrived to find his pre-booked transport had not arrived. Phoning, he was told he'd have to wait almost 4 hours until someone else was due in - he rang a friend who collected him in the end.
  8. You have never served with either 22RA or 4RA! As a one-pip-wonder at 22 I soon learnt that after an exercise the Bty went to washdown/nearest hose and everyone, including the BC and BSM were there until all the vehicles were cleaned. The only time either the BC, BSM or any officer would leave was when their presence was required by the CO. BKs (Battery Captains, often LE) would very often be the last to leave, and no vehicle could leave until he had inspected it.

    Very often it was the officers (myself included) who would do most of the cleaning. Why? because we knew that as soon as we were back in the compound we would have other duties to do and thus be unable to assist (or is that hinder?) the lads in stripping out radios, ancils and other cr@p.

    With a car being taken for a road journey, if it wasn't a rental, what was an officer doing driving? If the car gets a bit dirty, then unlucky for someone in the MT dept; either they take it to a car-wash or they clean it themselves. That is why in every regiment I served in (TA and Reg, Inf and Arty) had a couple of mongs (and I do mean mongs; soldiers not trusted with a rifle or any sharp implements) to do such work. 22RA would always put a few mongs and its long-term injured soldiers into the QMs while they recovered/awaited medical discharge. If they were a Gnr, then they did cleaning. If they had a tape or more then they did paperwork.

    Edited to add: ViroBono has it summed up well; be polite to the MT staff and it is not normally a problem, and no-one gets in a huff.
  9. I still can't get my head round the fact army officers don't drive! Why do we have to be PC about gender/age/race etc yet it's still beneath certain classes to perform certain tasks.

    Doesn't the age old saying go 'don't ask your troops to do something which you're not prepared to do yourself?'

    Orders are written by the relevant heads of sections. If these orders don't confrom to the CO's wishes, then he'll change them. If MT orders state ALL drivers will refuel & wash their vehicles on return, then that's on the say so of the Unit/Stn/Regt CO.
  10. ^ I think the answer to that is that an Officer would be subject to court Marshal or some other seriousness if involved in an accident.

    And it also makes bad press.
  11. If an Army officer prangs a military vehicle then the lowest ranking officer who can deal with it is the Brigade Commander (normally a 1*).

    Officers are thus not allowed to drive because:

    a. Brigadiers tend to be busy people thinking big thoughts, and have better things to do than listen to 2Lt Tarquin Bootes-Fossington RHA explain how he came to bend a landrover around a tree.

    b. Brigadiers tend to be (or were in my day) the amongst the most senior reporting officer on an officers annual report at Regimental Duty (CRs as were). If you were a Capt, would you really want the man who decides your progress to Staff College with a single written sentance to remember you as the tw@t who misread a camber or were too soft and swerved to miss a rabbit, rather than gishing the creature and grilling it on the manifold?
  12. Why couldn't the tight cnut drive his own motor.
  13. Allegedly, unless you have a non-availability certificate, your insurance wouldn't be valid (business use or something). At least that's what they (MT geezers) told me when I didn't want to get a train once!
  14. The squawking bleeder in the first instance probably ownes a clapped out old MG. Foolish that he must be to buy such a car (a lot of Army officers, and a lot of crabs seem to feel the need to buy these buckets of junk), he wasnt so stupid as to trust it on a proper journey.

    Also fuel; it is now bl00dy expensive in the UK (thanks to Fat Gordon) and the Forces dont pay proper mileage rates.
  15. Mucking in at the end of exercise is one thing .But at the end of a day of normal use seems a bit mad what does mt do ?Unless
    he swamped it after a dodgy sarnie :)