I didnt think Id see this so soon!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smudge67, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Says he is 49 years old!!!! The cnut should know better at his age :x
  2. 'ang 'im
  3. See, students are the leaders of our nation.

    Might explain the state it's in...
  4. Works ticket filled in, bus POL'd. Just need to find the fcuking keys.

    Cut his cock off and serve it to him lightly basted in the week old fat from a kebab shop.
  5. Is this the latest fashion now? ------ Sad.
  6. 8O Object's will do anything to get on the new's or in paper's :twisted:
  7. hey leave us "monkeys" out of this!!! we would'nt have him in a month of sundays!!
  8. Surely you a great ape rather than a monkey??
  9. at least the coppers will only have to cut and paste from the last case save them paper work time and they can get back on the streets....... ok ok donut shop :)
  10. Isn't there a case for running discreet wires, hooked up to the mains, over memorials?
  11. Gee...re-stilly thanks for the flattery!! but you must never forget your roots!! Just 'cos this idiot makes a tw@t of himself by demeaning our heroes does not mean you need to pick on the primates!!

    go pick on the penguins....or the hamsters!! (They deserve it!!)
  13. Nah!! penguins can tap dance and my hamster powers my computer by running on his little wheel.
  14. And gets stuck up your anooos on a weekend probably.