I didnt rape you, its was an accident!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by blobmeister, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. An RLC chef claims to have fallen asleep and accidently had sex with a female :?
  2. Did they fall asleep on one of his knifes and she did not want to move in case she woke up the chef got startled and impaled herself on the knife
  3. It just fell in.
  4. She pestered him for sex in the past and left a chair outside the window of her married quarter in the past so he could pop in and shag her when her husband was away. She drank more than ten vodkas on this night and then went back to his room to spend the night with him. She's a cheap vindictive cheating dirty little pisshead slapper and he's no rapist or sex offender. The army and the world have gone stark politically correct fukcing raving mad.
  5. Thats the way I read it. She is a fcuking whore and should not be believed. She is simply not credible.
  6. I'm female and totally agree! :x

    I hate to take a stand against my gender but the false allegation of rape really grips my sh1t!! It makes it so difficult for a woman who has been seriously sexually assaulted to make a complaint when there are dozy fcuking bitches like this squealing 'rape' when what they mean is, "Oh my new bloke might find out I'm a total cheap slapper!"

    She went willingly back to his room, drunk and slept in the bed with him and they had a history of sexual contact!...... WTF did she think was going to happen, BTW well done to the bloke for fighting the 'brewers droop' and manage it in the first place!

    To you Sir, I raise my hat!
  7. Sort of thing that happens all the time, seems perfectly normal.

    I mean, she's admitted having had sex with him at least twice before perfectly willingly, then she tells him she's found someone new, goes out on the lash and then goes back to his place and sleeps with him. After all that she complains that she was raped and makes the point that she was married all along as if to exaggerate her outrage. Nice girl 8O

    Now there are some who would suggest that agreeing to go on the urine and then sleeping with a bloke you've been knocking off doesn't amount to consensual sex, but I would venture that is a faqirly predictable outcome to such a rendevouz.

    Now call me a cynic, but does this bloke really deserve being binned, sentenced for 4 years and then put on the sex offender's register for 12 more years?

    There again, perfect qualifications for becoming an area manager at Sodexho/ESS/Eurest/Granda/(insert unfavourite civvy contractor here).

    Standing by for incoming
  8. IF her story is accurate then he has indeed committed rape. Rape is intercourse without consent and you cannot consent to intercourse if you are sleeping or unconscious.

    I am not sure why the soldier concerned decided to argue his case by saying that he had sex by mistake. The report doesn't say if he had a proper lawyer (not an army officer) to advise him but this suggests bad advice to me.

    After all, bearing in mind past conduct, he could have said that she consented to have sex with him, they had sex, then they both fell asleep. It would then boil down to her account against his and from the report, the latter account is more plausible.

    Edit: I see this is a military tribunal. This all seems rather iffy to me. Why would you want a military tribunal to deal with these cases seeing as it is an offence that has nothing to do with the military. Perhaps this can be seen as a critique of the military justice system.
  9. Nope, I agree Pyro - sounds like a vindictive slapper at work.
  10. Nonsense! If she has a history of sexual activity with him, goes out for the evening with him, drinks more than ten vodkas, comes back to his room, undresses together, gets into his single bed naked with him, falls asleep with him, and during the night one or other of them touches the other sexually (but not violently or with explicit rejection) it is neither sexual abuse, sexual assault or rape. What the fukc do people imagine will happen given this scenario?! Otherwise every time you wake a sexual partner up in the morning with a sexual act instead of giving them a treat you are in fact also actually sexually assaulting them/raping them too!

    Given what we have read this man did NOT rape the woman and it is her that deserves jail and a spell labelled a sexual liability!
  11. Actually, re-reading the piece - I think his explanation was his undoing. Although if it was true - it's still not rape. More like surprise sex :D
  12. As do I a_l, but 'It was an accident'?

    FFS, if that is your defence, you know you're going down.

  13. Do we know how eloquent or otherwise this chap is?
    Perhaps someone could have taken the trouble to find out what he meant by "It was an accident" rather than just taking his words literally.
    He may, for example, have meant that he had not particularly thought about or pre-planned to make love to this 'lady' but it just happened spur of the moment- and with hindsight, given her negative reaction in the morning, (possibly because she was scared her new boyfriend (lucky man eh) would find out what a slapper she is) it was indeed a mistake/ an accident.
    Who was representing this man's interests during this case one wonders?
    They didn't do a great job now did they.
  14. When it's proved a women has made a false claim they usually get a piss poor sentence, they should get the term the bloke would have if he had been found (incorrectly) guilty.
  15. That is an illogical position to take and harks back to a time where a wife cannot claim rape by the husband because consent is deemed to have been given on marriage (that would be the mid-90s actually :) ). Does a woman not have the right to reserve consent once she has slept with someone.

    Taking your argument to its logical conclusion, all ex-girlfriends will never be able to go out for a drink with their ex-boyfriends; because if they get drunk and needs somewhere to lay their head for the night (say, their ex-boyfriend's place) then whatever happens that night cannot be rape.