"I didnt know it was a memorial"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vampireuk, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. http://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/news/Cenotaph-slurs--graffiti-girl.5884206.jp

    Just how stupid are people in this country these days?

    No doubt this 17 year old gained 53 A* GCSE grades. :roll:

    Can we also avoid the bloody outrage bus.
  2. Well, apart from her obviously being a bit thick, for not realising that it was a War Memorial, I'll not board the Outrage Bus as she had the gonads to hand herself in and man up.

    Doesn't excuse what she's done though.
  3. That said, she'd written her fcuking name on it...
  4. Ah! missed that bit, but if it was just a 1st name there wouldn't be that much to go on. like I said no the brightest of sparks.
  5. ...then again if she lacked the foresight to see the stupidity of writing her name then it is safe to assume she also lacked hindsight.

    I'm sure some who wander into this thread hoping for a joy ride on the outrage bus were hoping this would be about Mr. Laing.
  6. Why is there a sudden rush of people defiling war memorials? What with that student recently getting done, some 49 year old recently and I think there was a story in today's Mirror about another 17 year old pi$$ing on a memorial, and now this, has it always gone on and the press are more attuned to it now or what?
  7. Kids aren't taught history anymore in schools... just how bad and naughty England was to other nations.

    They don't parade at teh cenotaph with the likes of the ACF/Scouts/BB/Guides either. Maybe the schools should enforce attendance on Rememberence Sunday.

    The kids could get an A* in British Pride. Errr, there is no way that subject would be allowed is there :(
  8. Ha ha....
    " OK love, as your name is now on the memorial we are going to have to kill you"
  9. Quote of the week - outstanding!
  10. No-body peed on this one as far as i know, strange that !!!!

    oh hang on...there was patrick(no knees)delaney from strabane !!!!!!!

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  11. They are in our local school and a lot of children attended the Remembrance day service too. My eldest daughter's year (6 year olds) had a whole day learning about the men on our local memorial including a visit to the memorial across the road and did a dance/musical interpretation presentation on 'Remembrance' for the parents a couple of weeks later which I had the good luck to be able to attend.
    Very moving actually, especially the bit at the end where all the children came around the audience and gave their poppies to their parents. I don't mind admitting to you that I was bloody choked up at that point. I'll be asking them to sack the cleaning ladies as everyone had dust in their eyes. :D
    Don't write them all off just yet CF. I think the trick is to keep it up until they're adults. We'll see what Secondary school holds regarding that but I'll be asking why not if they don't teach the importance of remembrance in history lessons.
    Teaching about WW2 is actually part of the National Curriculum.

    And Halifax is just over the hill from where we are too.
  12. Id actually give this lass the benefit of the doubt in this case as she has admitted it and shown remorse from something she did when she was getting drunk. Ive seen most squaddies doing stupid things when pissed with other countries landmarks/Flags and monuments in the past 22 years to know that were not all as sweet and innocent as we hoped we were.

    I for one will be tampering with the outrage bus on this occassion and give it a limited roll and have informed the JAMES team so no sneaking it out without a works ticket.
  13. Poor simple child -- she's only 17. That number probably tallies with her IQ.
  14. and the total contribution to the education and social awareness of these children by the arrse community is....
    sweet 4 call.......