I deny denying, say the possible deniers...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BedIn, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. Has this Friends of Al-Aqsa group nicked the arrse Outrage bus?
  2. So was anything actually denied by the non denying deniers who are now denying they denied anything?
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  3. I think he is technically a holocaust denier denier. Although he now denys it.

    This does rather corner lefties, as they must support Palestine and all it's supporters - mental or not - but most pro-Palestinian organisations are anti Israeli, which can easy shift to more general anti-semitism.

    However, if you close down any/every argument by accusing your opponent of being "worse than Hitler" (standard Guardian reader cry) and kick off at EDL protests then you must be overtly anti-Nazi and therefore anti-Holocaust denier.

    So where so you stand when your Palestinian anti-Semitic pals begin denying the Holocaust?

    In a world of lefty confusion, that's where.

    This Labour punter must have been chuffed to "out" some Holocaust deniers. That is until another lefty pointed out that they were both pro-Palestinian and from a "minority". Scuppered.

    However, aren't Holocaust deniers a small minority? And aren't lefties supposed to back minorities, right or wrong?

    It must be so confusing.

    Me? **** Palestine. Simple.
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  4. But Palestinians are Semites.
  5. I thought only Jews were Semites. What is a Semite, and has anybody told Ken Livingstone?
  6. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Even Max Clifford has denied knowing anything about this.

    And David Irving of course.

    And me.
  7. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    The term antisemitism was coined in 1871 by Wilhelm Marr who wished to use a term other than the conventional Judenhass (Jew Hatred), which was considered to be off-putting in his polemics against Jews and Judaism. It was not originally designed to include any other group. So, no antisemitism/anti-semitism does not refer to a hatred of anyone other than Jews.
  8. Semite is originaly a term for hebrew speakers of what we now know as Palestine/Israel as well as neighbouring tribes considered to be of the same forfather or with roots in the Abrahimac belief system.

    Which just makes the Israelis falling out with the Palestinians even more stupid.
  9. From the BBC article, it seems that the the snivelling pinko, ahem, labour politician in question had singled out the Friends of Al-Aqsa as being Holocaust deniers. They seem to have disagreed with his assessment and he has adjusted his moral position to accomodate them, thus assuring his continued muslim vote and a friendly outlook from his party's whip office, who don't want to see any more seats go the Respect party's way at the next election. Is there anything else to add?
  10. I read an account of what the Stern Gang and the Igrun got up to at the dock in Haifa from the point of view of the booties who were on the rear guard when the mandate ended and I have to say that was the one corner of the empire we should not have left so quickly.

    We should have been much harder on the zionists and stuck it out, ignored what happened in europe and not given way, maybe there would have been a functioning Israeli/Arab state today if we had .
  11. It sounds like someone spotted that when you have created dozens of 'labour camps' in the middle of a war, can no longer feed your own people, let alone six million prisoners dying slowly of disease, there needs to be a 'solution'! But then someone spotted that someone spotted this but denied having said that they spotted the spotter? One should never deny that you spotted this unless you want to expose something... simple and brilliant!
  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    what we should have done was stuck them all in the middle of egypt and made them walk home. that would have passed the buck for 40 years or so unless someone asked for directions this time.
  13. Not sure what Jewish extremism has got to do with the news story - A Labour politician made an assertion about a group, the group he said it about complained, he retracted the statement publically.

    How right it is to question what the muslim group seemed to be denying is another matter. It does seem like a lot of germanic and eastern european gentlemen went to quite considerable lengths (like all the to South America) to avoid answering questions about what must have been quite a serious matter.