I demand a medal

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Lewis.jackson041, May 28, 2011.

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  1. I demand a medal... I went to Northern Ireland with the father (who was serving over there) for the 6 months of ceasefire... He got a medal! Where the hell is mine! yeh I may have been 6 months old but it's not the bloody point.
  2. Did you stay in the 'Duncairn Gardens Hotel' on your soiree across the water?

    6 Months old? Ain't aged much, then!
  3. you can have my cyprus windsurfing medal form granby
  4. I donate my ' I've smacked a Spam' Medal.
  5. He's right. Out on patrol before he'd even qualified on the range, checking his buggy every morning for IEDs and having to consider his ROEs before blowing off. It's not easy at that age, I can tell you.
  6. you may laugh but at a recent tour of the Firepower museum the curator was taking us through the medals gallery.

    he told a story of one of the navys maids having a baby on the morning of a battle (possibly trafalga). Many years later that young baby applied for his medal as all men onboard ships were entitled to it and he recieved it!
  7. Medals......
    Just another set of fiddly things that have to be polished. The only ones remotely worth having are those that confer an annuity on the holder; or ones that can be sold at Sotheby's for enough cash to buy a beach bungalow somewhere warm and easy going...
  8. I hear Koh Samui is nice but it's full of people living in Bungalows, amazing how many VC winners are pulling up Sandbags here.
  9. The closest I came to VC was VD.
    Unfortunately I didn't get it in Koh Samui. Depending on the incubation period, it was probably either Suffield or Hamburg.
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  10. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    F@ck off, you have a medal, just got to kill your dad to wear it
  11. The closest I came to a VC........................10!
  12. Shit, here we go again, can you wear...............................?
  13. Medal!!.

    I bet someone here could give you a rusty sherrifs badge to wear instead!
  14. The Mem Sahib polished my Badge last night!
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  15. Have the naughty men frightened you off, sweetie?