I D Cards for civvies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scoobish, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. The issue here isn't the ID cards themselves, but the Orewllian 'National Identity Register'. Still, the Tories have pledged to kick it into touch as soon as they take the reigns, so I wouldn't worry too much...
  2. Junior Home Office Minister Meg Hillier said "The ID cards are very hard to copy and are very secure, with biometric information stored on a database, This is not a database that can be downloaded onto disks,"

    errr... hasnt the format/encryption been broken already?
  3. A few things.

    TheTories still have to win an election. It's not 'their turn' next year.

    And if you really believe a bunch of troughing scumbags will do away with a national identity register, think again. They need that register to control the rest of us, and ID those who leak, expose or criticize them.

    Whoever wins the next election the NIR is going to happen. They will find a way. The only thing that will stop it will be mass civil disobedience.
  4. And probably, within 75 years each and every person in the UK will have to have an ID chip embedded deep in their body, but the political class will ensure it and its families and friends will be allowed to disable the chip.

    For everyone else, no chip = no work, no benefits, no driving licence, no TV licence, no travel, no shopping, no medical treatment, no pension, no education, no anything.

    The chip will also be programmed to kill you when you reach a certain age or your body shows any signs of particular illnesses or disabilities, whichever is the sooner.

    I wish I could say that I am jesting.
  5. Spend the money on illegal's/political assylum and human right crap first :twisted:
  6. Pay-per-Mile (which we all know is just a front for tracking our movements).
    I.D. Cards.
    Child Data bases.
    Local Council to have access to do HSE checks in your house.
    DNA Being held on innocent people for 6 years.
    National Census to ask you about your sexuality.
    Personal Carbon Credits.
    Thumb print scanning at point of entry and exit from the country (ie. Booking in and out).
    email, text and phone calls being recorded and kept on file.

    That's just for starters and doesn't include all the minor offences that have been made punishable with a custodial sentence. Or the other 4000 new criminal laws that have been added to the ever growing list of things that gives the State even more power's over those that are unlucky enough to be born in this oppressive country that once used to be called 'Great', but these days is normally just referred to as Britain.

    The population will only take so much of the State's Interference and Intrusions into their personal lives before they reach breaking point. I can see a Poll Tax situation arising soon as people are threader's, if the wearing of balaclava's in public hasn't yet been banned, I can see it happening soon.
  7. The Tories are far from brilliant, but I don't believe their intentions are anything like as frightening as Labour's. They have pledged to scrap the NIR, citing many of the reasons I think it's a bad idea (see here).
  8. I would get an identity card if it didn't hold my biometric information like fingerprints, etc.

    That to me might be more "secure" in the sense that it would be ALOT harder to pretend to be somebody else, but i don't like the idea of that sort of invasion of privacy.
  9. It's not an identity card. The ID card is just the tip of the iceberg that is the National Identity Register. The NIR is set to become a very scary database holding intimate details of every single person in the country. Project creep says the information held will snowball until every person in the country has an in-depth intelligence file.

    The day the NIR is launched is the day we become property of the state.
  10. I didn't know they were Republicans - when did this appear in their manifesto?
  11. It's part of a secret conspiracy involving Stephen Hawking, Pope John Paul II, the Saturn 5 Moon Rocket and a packet of gluten-free lentils.

    Or perhaps I meant 'reins'...
  12. That's all right then.
  13. Is that anything like Dave's cast-iron guarantee about a referendum on Lisbon?

    they are politocos... snakes, not even blessed with t!ts!