I couldnt help noticing...............

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 54sqnrct, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. .............that since I stopped posting here the standards have dropped alarmingly.

    Anyone else pretending to be in the SAS today??? There was one yesterday........ :lol:

    Squaddies. Gotta love em............... :D
  2. I'm intrigued: what exactly is the point of all your posts? With about 100,000 in the army, are you saying we're all the same? Are you disappointed with your previous, limited experience of the military? Is your own life so miserable you feel the need to associate with soldiers whom you profess to despise?
  3. Fundamentally yes I am saying that the vast majority of squaddies are the same. Parochial and not very well informed. Not really capable of making any well informed and balanced decisions. believing that your regiment is vastly superior to every other one (not that there are many left now)

    I'm not disappointed with my time in the Army.......as I have said I was only in to get my licences for free and see a bit of life which is what I did.
  5. I havent responded to you before as i was biting my tongue hoping that mdn, biscuits etc would deal with you however you are now getting on my t1ts. Why dont you just shut up? Is your purpose to just post crap and waste valuable space. C0ck sucking w@nkers like you should fcuk off back under the rock you crawled from. Everyone else please take note of the oxygen theif avatar and ignore him then hopefully he will vanish and never plague this fine website again. Its because of people like you that this website is being plagued by mongs and window lickers at the moment.

  6. I'm sorry you responded now as frankly I think you are one of the most boring people I've ever had the misfortune to meet. Metaphorically speaking of course as we have never met. Well....I sincerely hope not. You typify all that is wrong with todays Army.........the archetypal 'Thick Squaddie' As for the word MONG.........what a terrific description of your good self.

    Now run along.....I think your Block Job needs doing
  7. How many degrees do you nedd to ponce around flogging Lemsip to doctors?
  8. Iam not even going to bite. I have said what i think of you and now i will do exactly what i said and ignore your pointless posts waste off space cnut.
  9. Thats good news for all concerned.


  10. Telegram for 54sqnrct

    Just .
  11. So then what does one have to do for you to think they are not a ''thick'' squaddie? Like i said yesterday
    you have no structure to your opinions, when posed with a decent question you just go back to ''you are all a bunch
    thick mong squaddies '' hardly a good answer is it . What is a mong? is it some one who is in the army? Or perhaps
    someone who lives in the past happy in the knowledge that he was in the RLC or RCT (depending on your dates, which dont
    make sense) and is now selling produce to chemists etc , with a company car , a cheap Burtons suit and no decent pension .
    Come on fuck nuts instead of you slagging us lot off ,why dont you tell us why you are not a mong .
  12. That's the point isn't it-freedom of expression etc. Lets hear what he has to say, and either ignore it, shoot him down, or quietly accept some of it.I fail to see why being a sales rep sets him above many squaddies?
    As for being parochial, I fail to see how that applies, as since leaving University I have had several good jobs, lived in several interesting places and had a variety of interests, before joining the army. Not well informed-see the previous sentence. And I know many, many soldiers like me.
    Labelling him an oxygen thief and throwing insults is playing his game, and just confirming his opinions!
  13. Rickshaws Camels and Taxis! It says it all!!!!

    54 Sqn RCT??? Disbanded. RCT Amalgamated.

    54 beware before the collective come and assimilate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Thank you Northern Monkey. Your name didnt exactly inspire me with confidence (Northern AND a monkey?) but you do seem to be slightly above most of the pond dwelling Amoebas that do nothing but slag me off. I am not a sales rep though actually although I can think of lots of worse jobs.

    You are the only poster on here so far that has made even the slightest bit of sense so far (apart from me naturlich)
  15. You do make sense to a degree northern monkey, maybe we should talk about him and his type
    and not talk to him . The chap has not had any valued points and all he has done is slag all
    serving soldiers off .Why should we give him the time of day ?