I cant seem to settle on my chosen job choices

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by FRjunkie, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. Hey up all,

    Ta for taking the time to read this post.
    Right, well, I am having a bit of difficulty on my 3 job choices. I keep chopping and changing them, I have had my first interview with my recruiting SGT at my local ACIO and since then I have changed my mind of what I want to do. I phoned him up today and gave him my revised 3 choices and now I am thinking as to whether I want to change them again....

    I guess it's just getting the big 3 choices right....it's gone from RAC to RLC now to RA.

    Is it possible to hand my final 3 choices in to my WO2 when it comes to my 3rd interview or do I already have to go with what I said In my 2nd Interview?

    I don't want to become a nuisance to my recruiters e mailing and phoning up all the time chopping and changing job choices, however I just want to get the right job and Army Career for me that I am going to do for 22 years (hopefully)

  2. When at ADSC you are being graded for your job choices so you need to make your mind up. RA, RAC are combat trades so they looking to see if you will make a good combat soldier, RLC is Logistics etc....
    Go combat role i think :soldier:
  3. You may find that the RA are Combat Support :wink:
  4. RLC is logistics etc. Nice of you too change our role for us. I always thought that we were combat service support.
  5. My Info supplied by army jobs. Just giving the guy some help didnt mean to offend those that are hear just to flame and moan :D
  6. My info supplied by the real army :wink:
  7. Thanks f'the help lad, appreciate it, will take on board what you say. Any more advice from others would be welcomed.
  8. think about what you want from the army, Do you want a trade and a full career or is it a short term thing. And incidently is there any particular job in the Corps that you wish to do?
  9. I want to be a Driver chap....im 26 and have 9 years Driving experience from Lorries to Fork lift Trucks. Thing is, I want to drive Jackals as well as WIMIKs I also want to be a DROPS Driver but with the potential to be a Gunner on Vehicles.....any Idea what might be a good job?
  10. Driver Royal Engineers
  11. youve just basically summed up the role of a driver in the RLC. however.......you will soon change your view on the DROPS :p
  12. What other regiments in the Army need Drivers? or is it RLC and RE?
  13. This is the internet, the home of porn, rubbish, space aliens and looneys. The ACIO is your best source of information, they are paid to help you out, use them.
  14. Everyone needs drivers and most of the support and service support arms drive pretty big and diverse beasts and will factor in Licence acquisition and Dvr Trg as part of formal Trg:

    RE – ABLE & TBT (Google them)
    RA – Drops
    AAC – Wheeled Tankers
    RLC – Lots

    A lot of the Cbt Arm Drivers (not all) are drivers by necessity and a lot of the Trg is geared around other stuff and it is just a part of what you do.

    All this stuff is easily researchable and rather than p*ssing people off by asking non-specific (what some would see as bone) questions, you will get a lot more joy by asking specifics.

    Also be very careful about p*ssing your selectors off by coming across as indecisive and changing your mind every 2 minutes. We can be very selective at the moment and you might see your application stalling if you can’t make your mind up
  15. I take on board what you say Champ.....ta for the advice, I will google the list ya gave me...