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I cant go on without them!


Book Reviewer
These days are hot, hot hot, politically speaking, with disaster after disaster, catastrophe after catastrophe and enemy tanks visible in the capital behind the news reporters!

I'm waking up screaming at night, terrified that those horrible fookin capitalists are going to get in and destroy 12 years of golden rule, of prudence, honesty, politics beyond recrimination.

I need to know that Gordon WILL see us through these terrible times, but I'm surrounded by nay-sayers, capitalist pig-dogs and baby-eaters.

Where the fcuk are Ashie and Sven? We need someone to tell us that it's all going to be OK!


Book Reviewer
I'm fine thank you. Honest.

I'm just not feeling it with these vicious slurs against our elected leader. There's some ungrateful bast@rds out there who have no concept whatsoever what it was like for Gord, waiting in the wings whilst building our economy back up after years of Tory ruination, awaiting his day in the court of public opinion - and he's only had two years before the plot to oust him reared its ugly head!

Well, he IS PM now, has been for two years, and the knives are out, being stuck in his back AND front. Why?
Biped said:
our elected leader.
No He Isn't!!!

Biped said:
Does anyone really need to ask?
Look at the state of the country. Even leaving asside the dire state that the economy is in, we are still up to our necks in it thanks to the last twelve years of poor management by the current bunch of self serving thieves and liars.

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