I Cant Believe Im Asking This...

Discussion in 'REME' started by Themanwho, Oct 25, 2005.

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  1. Laugh heartily and point out the way to the job centre

  2. Weep on their ammo boots, crying "Come back all is forgiven"

  3. Jail a bicycle and a jellybaby

  1. ...Should REME reinstate the RD/RS role?

    Now I know that we all laughed our arrses off when the Tarmac Techs were told to go and learn to count blankets, but now that the celebratory drinks have been drunk, the hangover is here and the cold light of day has shown that we've got to provide their replacements in ATRA from the tradesmen that we're already short of. At the moment we don't feel the pain too much because of ex-RS still in post, but that's not going to last forever.

    In times past, I casually despised the RD/RS as the waste of a decent capbadge ("failed tradesmen or failed infantry"), but now I'm beginning to think maybe they were as useful as they said... just by stopping the productive tradesmen being sidelined into this potentially bottomless manpower pit.

    Am I right?

    Or did I just sniff too much DEME(A) bum last Wednesday?

    (edited for speeling)
  2. Maybe someone would vote in the poll if anyone knew what the options meant.
  3. Not in anymore so can't comment on actuals.

    I can imagine that there may be a certain strain in having to complete duty rosters, ration returns etc but can these activities not be carried out by Platoon/Duty Sgts or some such?

    Do the mil training activities not give the opportunity to the young thrusters to get another notch on the CR as extra mural activities?
  4. Er, b*gger. Tried editing the questions, but I'm locked out.

    1. Laugh heartily and point out the way to the job Centre (ie: stay as is)

    2. Cry on ammo boots crying "Come back all is forgiven" (ie: Reinstate the RS role)

    3. Jail a bicycleand a jellybaby (wibble fish banana)

    All clear, Plant-Pilot?
  5. Plant Pilot - if you don't understand the question you're in the wrong forum. Any REME punter will understand the question without breaking step. Wedgeheads back to the fat badge forum!!

    Maybe the binning of the RS/RD trade was a step too far. MCM Div are always crying about the lack of VMs to send to units, but if the (whatever number it is) currently employed in duty of care /ATRA posts/out of trade were released back to trade would the problem be as bad as it is. I think not!!!

    I have been that tiffy doing a WSM job. It was fun and i enjoyed it, but i would rather have stayed on the shop floor.

    The RS/RD guys were always underestimated and more value than most realised. Not only did they fill the CQMS posts but they also did all the(and i don't mean to belittle the RS/RD trade) dross jobs in the Corps with little fuss and a pair of shiny boots. Some of the guys doing WSM/CSM jobs now are doing their best, but it ain't a patch on what the RS/RD boys and girls did.

    No i ain't a closet RS/RD punter, but have noticed the decline in military standards across the corps since they dissapeared.
  6. It seems that the COS at DEME(A) would vote to “Cry on their ammo boots crying "Come back all is forgiven" because they have realised what a mistake the removal of the RS was. The impact on tradesmen and lower values and standards across the Corps reflects the impact of a hasty decision with short term gains.

    Although rebalancing may have prolonged the Corps' existence, what will be implications 10 years down the line…….maybe another vote asking for the reinstatement of REME????
  7. Apart from basic training and cadre courses what positive impact did RS/RD have on soldiers? Im trying to think as to what influence that those guys have had over me and I can think of very little. I dont mean that to be derogatory but they have very little to do in a field force unit. Tiffy's/WSM's senior ranks should impact on the soldiering skills of their troops and educate them accordingly when they are on exercise.
    We should be able to run JMC's, SMC's etc with tradesmen in the role of DS. Motivated tradesmen could do a good job (and by motivated I suggest the same rewards that Duty of Care NCO's are getting - v good CR's and dream sheet postings) and give those on course a good fielding into what is expected of you as a soldier first and a tradesman second.
  8. Hi Guys
    This is Deja Vu for me as an ex RAOC MTI. The RAOC did have the RD role for years, and some plonker came along and said we dont need them, retrade them and be done with it, and what happened was the training went to rat shitt. So the MTI trade was born.The REME are now in the same postion, doesnt anyone in the MOD talk to each other?

    The same reason the REME and RAOC and ACC had the regimental types was because all of the above are technical corps, but, as we have heard a zillion times, a soldier first, tradesman second. So who is going to train your own people, and before I hear 'let the infantry do it' Ive done many many all arms courses, alongside others from the inf and in some cases non-perm cadre guys from the SAS who are going back to thier regiments and corps, and are going back as instructors, they like me, needed a tick in the box, and not were all were infatnry, in fact many corps guys.
    Use your own people, its the same course, same instructor training

    So, DREME, take a long hard look, and rethink, you are going to regret this in a few years time when you get CO's telling you that thier 'trained soldiers' are shitte, and why are they spending all thier training time and budget retraining guys at unit level..been there..done that
  9. Your point about non communication is very valid emptyeye but Im not really sure what the rest of your point is. We've used instructors from both Corps and Inf for a long time now. My Cpl at PMC was a Medic with the rest of my platoon's permanent staff being BW, SG's, REME and Queens. As a group they gave a very balanced perspective on Army life and were very professional soldiers. I believe that this is still the case at Pirbright?(various capbadge instructors).
    I dont think that the problem is with basic training but with continued training and cadre courses once soldiers are at their units.
  10. Continuing on from what emptyeye wrote about RAOC RD/MTI's This was the case on formation of the Really Large Corps (RLC) till they to decided to disband the trade. And I think they are also starting to ask the same question as they run out of ex RD/MTI types to fill the SQMS/RQMS/RSM and Training Wing posts.
  11. I was really refering to the days where we had our own training units, same capbadge and all that, of course ATR's now change that, and im with you on the unit level training, you presume the guys you are 'continuing' to train is a trained soldier to begin with, my past experience was that you had to retrain to move on.
  12. The problem we as a corp first had with using our own tradesmen as DS for the cadre courses in my humble opinion was we were asking our guys and girls to do instructional duties which they were not used too(although taught on SMC). The DS and the students were on a bit of a learning curve but with time and more cadres with more new and old DS tradesmen running cadre courses im sure it will improve as will the soldier skills of DS tradesmen and potntial lcpl of the corp.
  13. Thankfully I only had a couple of years in the RLC as an MTI, and at that stage I was a WO2, but yes, the 'regimental posts' traditionally were filled by MTI's, sadly, no longer, but as I will be in Kineton this weekend for our 10th anniversay reunion, Ill ask those (RSM's) who are still serving and still MTI trade what the feeling is. The trade is dead, but those who are still MTI CEG, are still with us for a wee while longer

    REME guys, you joined up to do what you wanted to do technically, do you really want to be a CSM/RSM or did you want to be an AQMS/ASM?
    Once you get into the regimental life, you will find it hard to slip out of it, bring back your tarmac crunchers, then you can get back to whatever you do with Swarfega once again!!!
  14. Personally I didn't have a clue what I was joining up to do and Im pretty glad of that. At this stage in my career (5yr at SSgt - 9 left to serve) I would bite someones hand off if they offered me a WSM job instead of a AQMS (bit presumptuous!). I never wanted to become a pen pusher (oh the irony of being at DLO!) and at least in the WSM/duty of care you are stil working with the troops and being a man manager rather than sat in a PP&C farting around sorting out ABRO problems, equipment levels and all the other cack that cascades from the ASM.
    How many people joining the Corps know what an Artificer/AQMS or ASM is?
  15. Sparky Mate

    Good on yer for wanting to be in the people business, but I think the capbadge your wearing will determine what jobs you will be 'career managed' to do
    Maybe a look at what pay scales a WSM job is listed at then look at AQMS/ASM might change your mind.
    One day you will be the guy passing down the cack, but, if you feel that its troops over equipment tables..go for it