I Can See This Being a New Stag Week-end Activity

A British entrepreneur is hoping to revolutionise the porn industry by making it interactive.

Steve Steel offers 'porn weekenders' in Prague, which allow people to get up close to the making of a porn film. For £999, 'delegates' are provided with accommodation and taken on set for two days to see how films are made.

They are even allowed to direct the actors and create whatever scenarios they like as well as use their own cameras to film and photograph scenes. If they provide a health certificate they can even take part and get paid for it.

If they successfully perform with a consenting model for two 15-minute scenes they receive 200 euros for the men and 400 for the women. But Mr Steel said that - despite many delegates being keen to 'work' - very few people could actual perform for the cameras.

Interactive blue movies - for a price | Orange UK
How long before some groom to be does take part and then the Best Man shows the film at the wedding reception?

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