i can run!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by krissy18, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. Right, firstly i've been tryingto make decent time on the 1.5 run, but i'm REALLY falling short. having smoked 20 a day for the past 2 years, my lungs are pretty fuckd, but im quitting for the cause. does anyone have any other advice on how to DRASTICALLY improve your running time?

    Any knowledge on the army's views on epilepsy would be appriciated also, and does anyone know how long it takes for ur medical forms to be processed?
  2. Hmm as far as I know epilepsy is a no go. But to improve your run time my advice is to try fartlek training, which is sprinting for a short distance or time, then jogging for double that distance or time, then repeat untill you are well and truly fcuked. A good variation would be best effort up a hill, then jog down.
  3. I don't know for sure but epilepsy is a no go. I knew someone who used to have a bag full of medication and still got attacks. From what I have heard the attacks can be really dangerous. You could still try applying though, no harm in trying. It might also depend on the severity of your condition.

    As for running, find a structured schedule with a diet built in, this will give you the best results. But first things first, get to a running shop and get some PROPER running shoes.

    Good Luck.

    Edited to say: You said DRASTICALLY. Improving your fitness takes time, have patience.
  4. As tothepubandbeyond said, fartlek training does wonders for anyone trying to build up a solid run, but I'd suggest that you get some swimming done to supplement your running; I'm a smoker too, and swimming is really helping my lung capacity, even though I cough like a barsteward after it all :roll:

    And it does take time to improve your fitness, frustrating though it is. Make sure you're giving your body enough time to recover, or you'll do yourself more harm than good. There are lots of websites that deal with people trying to get fit (a great many devoted solely to beginning runners) that have loads of good advice, including structured timetables that help you plan and meet your incremental improvements. Just hit google and have a poke round.

    I got nothin' on the epilepsy issue, sorry :\\
  5. Given your current level of fitness, surely the title of the thread should be "I can't run!"?

    If you are really unfit, I would definitely suggest against interval training as that is very strenous and might put you off training altogether or result in an injury.

    Concentrate on running 3km or 15 - 17 minutes nonstop first and keep at it. Then running several 2.4 km best effort to gauge progress.

    But then what do I know - I can't run either. :oops:
  6. try this link and you'll get the answer you didn't want

  7. Suicide is always an option? ;)
  8. I'm guessing that you're a Doris, right?

    Firstly, you should stop smoking. Although two years of smoking wouldn't have that much effect. It normally takes two decades to realy fcuk your lungs. I suspect that actually you're just very unfit.

    Eat less.

    Do lots more exercise. Walking, running, swimming, cycling, aerobics, shagging, etc.

    Get a heart-rate monitor and go for long slow runs in the right zone. If you are doing five miles, four or five times a week, your PFT time should come down.

    Keep quiet about the epilepsy, if its not too bad. That is probably a show-stopper for all of the Armed Forces. People who have fits while handling weapons or crewing AFVs are not strong team members.
  9. Dick.
  10. Agreed. Epeleptics would put other soldiers at risk and themselves. I can understand keeping it quiet about a knee injury but epilepsy is a whole different story.
  11. FUNNY. gave me a bit of a chuckle.. but a bit irresponsible
  12. thanks to all. it was ment to be "can't run".

    cheers for the swimming advice, and everyone else's.

    the epilepsy isn't severe, and i'm hoping on getting away with it because since ive been on medication i havent had any more seizures.

    i'm average weight, and so stupidly didn't think i'd be as unfit as i've come to discover i am.

    any more info is welcome
  13. two years of smoking and you can't run - FFS what is this world coming to???????
  14. to be fair i was never the best runner initially, before smoking, but yes it i rather pathetic.