I can Park Wherever The F**k I want

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RECMEC, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Sorry guys but I just have to get this off my chest. Is it just me or are there other people out there who are sick and tired of disabled badge holders parking their cars/chariots/bikes wherever the Fcuk the fancy takes them. I live in a seaside town and just this weekend I spotted cars abandoned on pavements, Double yellow lines, zig zag lines before a crossing and best of all on a lifeboat slipway. Of course all of these were displaying their blue badges but it makes me so angry. Most of the Fcukers are fitter than I am. I even saw 2 cars parked on the pavement on double yellow lines not 10 feet from 2 empty disabled parking spaces.
    Rant Over :oops:
  2. People are see-nuts.
    End of.
  3. Well, it does make my blood boil when I see the chavs parking their Vauxhall-Corsas-Sponsored-by-Halfords in the disabled bays.

    What you may (or not) be missing when it comes to badge holders is that (a) they can park just about anywhere they like as long as it's relatively safe to do so (including double yellows etc) and (b) you don't have to be disabled to have one (ie the badge does not necessarily relate to the driver). However, the vehicle does require to be being operated for the benefit of the disabled person at the time (ie, the disabled person should be either in it or being dropped off/collected).

    I know what you mean though; it gets up my nose too when people are behaving in a stupid fashion just because they can.
  4. My personal favourite is people ignoring the white lines of parking spaces and parking accross two spaces. Especially in busy city centres on a Saturday! Aghhhhh fuming at that one
  5. The scourge of my village is the electro-spazcart. Very seldom do I see them driven by truly elderly or immobile but they are the waggon of choice for F1 spinsters who can barely see out of the vinyl windscreen and who zoom along the pavement with careless abandon.

    Also - they are increasingly popular amongst people who are just lazy and who are sized accordingly. My rant is that to be eligible to be on the public highway (pavements included) with one a doctor should have prescribed it. That way all users can be treated with the deference they deserve.
  6. Sadly, there is no doubt our fraternity will have it's fair of these badges following recent operations. Let them park wherever they want mate.

    There was a fat lazy twat on the same course as me a couple of years back who had a bogus badge. It used to really piss me off when he'd park up at tesco or sainsbury blagging a legit disabled spot.

    Personally I always park as far away as possible in supermarkets. It saves some nobber from ramming the trolley into your motor.
  7. sorry if that was a bit serious for the naafi bar, I'll take myself out.
  8. Agreed - being fat and lazy is not a disability. I can feel some pavement rage coming on.
  9. FishFingers, Anyone who has sustained an injury on ops and requires a blue badge can park in my Fcukin front room if they want, I am talking about the fat lazy fcukers on the social who have no consideration for any-one else and believe that if they want to drive on the pavement or in my back garden for that matter we should all get the Fcuk out of their way. Oh and dont even get me started on electric spaz chariots.
  10. Its the lazy bastards who fight to get as close to the supermarket as possible which cheeses me off. The bays closest to the shops should be reserved by age, ability, and with kids.
  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    As a superior man type person I have no requirement to go anywhere near a supermarket shop type thingy unless the wine is on special offer. On those occasions much to Mrs Elvoanuisance disgust I make a bee line for the mother and baby slots as this appears to give many the rants. :oops:

  12. I do the same. Some people (mostly fat overweight and people who think they are exempt any restrictions) would park in the entrance lobby if they could, to save them walking more than a yard. Makes my blood boil as well. Security should clamp all the people parked in disabled bays without a badge and charge them £80.00 to be released with the money going to disabled charities.
  13. if the urine taking security guards take any notice of the obvious non-disabled vechiles i would be totally schocked, ie the builders vans and others with no blue badge at all. I take great delight in whinging to the f++cKs and they still do naff all. It annoys the crap out of me when busybodies look Mrs Isongard up and down to see if she is disabled at all.
  14. Aaah, is the Recce Mech jealous? Get over it son, or stuff your leg through a mangle and get a badge of your own.
    The 2nd ex Mrs Fez has a blue badge as she has MS. She can drive, but not for any great distance, so occasionally I end up ferrying her around.
    There are few things in life quite as satisfying as watching the looks on peoples faces as I throw my LWB G-Wagen up the kerb, or across the double yellows, before jumping nimbly out and sprinting athletically across four lanes of traffic. Wherever possible I'll try to include vaulting any pedestrian barriers too, anything to raise peoples blood pressure. :D
  15. Apparently they've already started doing this at some airports. :wink:

    Is that my coat?