I can feel my arteries hardening at the thought!

Full on feast for fat fuckers!!Complete with 26 rounds of fried bread & toast!

BBC News - Fried 'Kidz Breakfast' at Great Yarmouth would 'ruin heart'

A fried breakfast served in Norfolk that promotes itself for being the weight of a small child has been condemned for its health risks.

The Kidz Breakfast at Jesters Diner in Great Yarmouth is claimed to weigh 9lb (4.08 kg) and includes 12 rashers of bacon, 12 sausages and six eggs.

The local HeartCare Cardiac Support Group said finishing the meal would "absolutely ruin your heart".

Diner owner Martin Smith said the breakfast was "just a bit of fun".

The "Jesters Challenge", at the cafe on Morton Peto Road, invites contestants to eat the breakfast in 60 minutes, with no additional help, to get it free of charge.

Its price if you fail is £15.

The breakfast is served on a plate covering 2.5 sq ft (0.23 sq m).


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