I can complain to my MP

Please help a fat civvy knacker.

I’m going to write to my MP to complain but I’m not sure what’s most wrong about the 'review'. The CDS in The Times was very smooth.

I can see that people are upset but what is the biggest issue?

Losing four battalions seems mad when there are so many tasks but there are 25,000 soldiers in Germany. So is that the problem?

Losing the regimental structure seems mad but as I understand it ‘arms plotting’ means that everyone in the unit moves to a new location and role every few years. So why not have some stability in location?

A large-large regiment for Scotland would lose the local cohesion of The Argylls etc but don’t they all get topped up from other units when they are deployed anyway?

Am I just being romantic about the history?

And what about the Scots Greys/Dragoon Guards? They look likely to continue as does the Scots Guards, so where is the consistency?

Honest enquiry folks – what is the thing to feature in my letters?
I can justify complaining to three Scottish MPs. And I want to complain because I know they are telling lies.
My MP wears a dress which doesn't compliment his complexion. And his accessories.... don't get me started on those!! :oops:
Scouting for Boys said:
Losing four battalions seems mad when there are so many tasks but there are 25,000 soldiers in Germany. So is that the problem?
The problem certainly isn't having troops in Germany. There they can live, train and they can be deployed from there, as were the Div elements and an Armoured Bde for Op TELIC. Now if you took them out of Germany where would you put them? And the other 30,000 dependents and hangers on? In the UK? Where all quarters that were not in use have been sold off? Where garrisons are fighting for space to fit the units they have? Or maybe we should build enough new Bks and quaters for the 50,000 to move back to the UK? Would that be a cheap option?

If you can't put them in the UK because you haven't got the real estate, are you going to cut them as well? Then what troops would you have when you needed some deployed?

I'm sorry SFB, you sound like one of our tabloid 'friends' fishing for some sensationalist headline grabbing stories. :?
Try doing some homework.
Find me on Pprune as Kiting for Boys. Nothing but an interested taxpayer who would like to help.

Over the last few days, I have read the Times, Telegraph, Scotsman and Herald plus the sources cited here, on Pprune and the mod site. So I think I have tried to do my research thanks. Probably more than most civilians, I would guess.

And my point was, how can I best complain? It all sounds plausible but I know they can't be telling the truth.

So should I object to the reduction in battalions or the big Regiments or the mothballing of Challengers or the AS90s. Or the chairs or the size of the MOD or the Typhoons...
Unless you can organise another fuel stoppage type action or are a major contributor to the party funds, I wouldn't imagine they could give a toss about any complaint you might come up with. Sorry, nice thought, but there we are.
I have seen and organised writing campaigns in the past.

There's a couple of percentage points of change that we can achieve. So where is the best place to apply the effort?
Well...and I am by no means an expert. A good tack is get public opinion on your side....so maybe the scottish question. Or the 'point' that you feel strongest over, after all, isn't that the one you will argue best.
One point in the RAF area of the review stands out..................The Jaguar is being binned, after a successful program to improve it's effectiveness (under budget - in time, for a change!). This will leave a large gap in capability until the Typ(hoon) comes into service (Over budget - EAP 1st flew in the 80's!).

Glad the upgrade wasn't a waste of money then :roll:
Surely the best tack for scouting for boys is the obvious one-OVERSTRETCH.I believe CDS has stated publicly in the past that it will take 3 years for the army to recover from the Gulf,yet already a Sudan deployment is being mooted. It is recognised that gaps between tours is a major problem, yet they're cutting bums on seats.
Playing the Devil's Advocate, what about a federation for the army along the lines of the Police Federation? (no striking, but a force to be reckoned with)

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