I can barely move, should I rest or carry on?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Spursluv, Aug 31, 2005.

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  1. Not sure what to do, I went to British Military Fitness on Monday and I was ok until yesterday when all my muscles seized up but I still went to the gym last night and today I am feeling even worse, I'm ok if I keep walking but when I sit down for a while it's a nightmare just to stand-up, anyway I have British Military Fitness again tonight which I'm sure after a little warmup I'll probably be ok, or do you think I am likely to cause myself more damage than good and should rest for a day?

  2. Give it a rest before you do yourself an injury. Load up on lean protein to speed your recovery and help repair any damage you may have sustained, and get an early night.
  3. Lean protein, would that be things like oily fish?? I haven't injured myself I don't think, it's the just that I am obviously extremely unfit and have used muscles I didn't even realise I had! I was looking forward to going again tonight but I think I will take your advice and maybe leave it until Friday when it's on next.

    Thanks for the help by the way
  4. Oily fish is good, as are chicken and eggs. A massage woudnt hurt either, but not the type that involves a Thai lady-boy walking up and down your back in stilletoes. :wink:
  5. Lovely cheers for the help, a nice bit of Mackerel for me tonight then I thinks, just had a boiled egg so I'm hlafway there, and yeah I'll definitely skip with the lady-boy masseuse hahaha
  6. Hahahaha
  7. Also I had some vile milkshake powder stuff at home called Promax, which is high in Protein, maybe if I force myself to gulp a cup full of that it could help me along a bit too.
  8. Why not just stick to real food?

    Oh, and drink lots too.
  9. Real food tastes alot nicer than them hideous milkshakes, they're just handy for when I get back from gym late and it's too late to cook, I don't get near enough protein as I should.

    I think I must be the only person in the world that doesn't really like water, I literally have to force myself to drink it, and I know the flavoured water isn't as good for you.
  10. British Military Fitness? isnt that for civvies? (mostly women of course) and run by ex PTI's beasting people on Clapham Common?

    If they make money out of it, good luck to them
  11. Yeah it's for civvies, I'm getting myself fit for my test at the RSC in November for the Regs, it's not mostly women either there's more men I'd say as it goes and they are not all ex PTI's either http://www.britmilfit.com/about/index.asp, I go to the one at Hyde Park, I think it's a good idea as they do get you going and it's knackering (for me cos I'm obviously not as fit as I originally thought I was)