I came across a minefield......

Discussion in 'REME' started by SuperWhiteArmy, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. the other day!
    How did I know it was a mine field , well because it was surrounded by red mine tape.....OF COURSE! Beyond the the tape were a couple of large yellow oil drums a bit battered but still in use. Before l me lay two large scaffold poles one approximatley 4ft the other 6ft. Funnily enough laying nearby was a 10ft length of rope wierd or what?
    What on earth do I do?
  2. is there an enemy patrol due in approximately 20-25 minutes?
  3. Yes!
    Oh and the nearest comman post is 30 miles away!!!!
  4. have you got access to convenient planks, just like real life?!
  5. Hold on will have to ask the guy behind me with the clip board!
  6. Now the fattest bastard in the workshop has turned up and needs to get across as well as 4 other potentials!!!!
    Oh and Ive got 10 minutes before that enemy section gets here!
  7. Throw all your spanners in and duck.

    Just walk around the feckin thing ! lol
  8. I actually sauntered across an Israeli desert minefield a few years ago, carrying a big bergan and a very lethal suntan.

    "Oh look" I said to myself, as I approached the only road in twenty miles, "A big sign. I wonder what it says on the other side?"

    That last twenty feet took forever.
  9. Ah a bit of a pickle.
    All depends what trade you are
    (a) Tech - dont worry about it run through the mine tape stamping your feet with your hands over your ears. Dont worry you will be loaded onto the next course regardless.
    (b) VM - Ponder, plan, execute and finish the task in 7 minutes with no casulties and wait 2 years to be loaded!!!!!
  10. Oh oh, it's about time for one of you to suddenly be taken blind.
  11. What happened to the planks...these could be very crucial.

    Make sure the field dressing used for the blindfold is loosely tied. 8)
  12. Bet you all of the planks are n-1mm in length, where n = the length you need them to be in order to get across without any hassle.

    Ignore all personnel whose solutions involve building either a tripod or a ballista. Have fun.

    Minefields! Used to be shark infested custard in my day.
  13. Leap of faith from the shoulders of the tallest......

    full marks every time :lol:
  15. where's the ammo box and 45 gallon drum?????????