"I Brought Peace to Northern Ireland"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KevinB, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. "I Brought Peace to Northern Ireland"
    Hillary's Lie

    BAsk not what you can do for the peace process, but what the peace process can do for you.

    Thus the approach of US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.
    Some may say that Hillary distorting beyond recognition any role she played in the North may not be a big deal. But it's the matter which involves us, and it's telling in its way.

    Marcella Bombardieri of the Boston Globe has described Clinton

    "telling and retelling one particularly moving story about bringing together Catholic and Protestant women in Northern Ireland ...

    "Clinton said she had hosted a meeting of enemies in the conflict. They had never been in the same room before, and 'no one thought this was going to be a very good idea.'"

    Sad, benighted people of Belfast. Never in their lives in the same room together. Such hostility that "nobody" thought it advisable even to try to bring them together. Until Hillary Clinton happened along aglow with goodness and, ignoring scepticism all around, insisted on "hosting" an unprecedented coming together.

    By her account, this brave initiative where all else had failed succeeded in breaching the centuries-old sectarian barrier to produce an epiphany.

    "A Catholic woman shared her daily fears that her husband wouldn't come home at night. Across the table, a Protestant woman described the same worry about her son.

    "And for the first time they actually saw each other not as caricatures or stereotypes, but as human beings who actually had common experiences as mothers and wives and people. One of the reasons why I'm running for president is to be constantly reaching out to try to bring people together to resolve conflicts and not let them fester and get worse."

    These events, according to Clinton, took place at Belfast "town hall."
    You'd have thought she'd have found space to mention this episode in her 2003 autobiography. But no. The 560-page Living History does include a description of an occasion in a community facility in Belfast to which she had been invited, attended by women community activists well known to one another, who had regularly been in the same room together. The meeting had been organised by the NIO.

    Clinton's fanciful new tale isn't an exercise in personal aggrandisement. Nor is it a vague reminiscence mentioned in passing. It is a nicely-structured, detailed story which has come to form part of her standard campaign presentation. Marcella Bombardieri observes: "More than an isolated stump speech snippet, her Northern Ireland story speaks to the larger issue of whether her travels around the world as first lady qualify as serious diplomacy. That experience is a crucial element of her argument that she is the most qualified presidential candidate."

    The deft distortion has been professionally designed to fit into the presidential photofit constructed for the campaign. It is implicitly offered as a model for the Clintons' style of engagement with a troubled world generally, soothing ancient enmities, bringing peace -- in present circumstances, a very attractive message for an anxious US electorate.

    It is a view which is reflected back here. The notion is about, and is rarely challenged, that the Clintons are held in equally high regard by all sections for their generous efforts to encourage us towards peace. We are even told explicitly that we "owe" the Clintons for this selfless beneficence.

    The truth, and everybody knows it, is that the Clintons are much more warmly regarded by Nationalists than by Unionists. Bill Clinton is seen as having ranged himself on the Nationalist side since February 1994 when, against the wishes of John Major, he granted Gerry Adams a US visa.

    This was, true, an important moment. It helped speed the IRA ceasefire seven months later by enabling the leadership to convince the membership that there was something tantalizing on offer if they changed their ways. Give up the guns and we'll be well-got in the White House, was the message.

    This was a factor in ensuring that when the Republican Movement abandoned the path of armed struggle, it veered to the right and not to the left.

    This has been the most specific and identifiable effect on our politics of the involvement of US administrations, most importantly the Clintons', in the political development of the North.

    That done, now we are just being used.

  2. Amazing, now she has done what none of us could... :roll:
    Politicians, they make me sick.
  3. Boll0cks!

    Go Obama! Knock her out of the race mate!
  4. Hillary Clinton Lying???

    I am just so shocked!!!

    Reports from South Carolina indicate Obama first with Hillary 2nd and voter split on race and gender lines.

    God help us if she gets in. She hates the military. She is my worst nightmare.
  5. Osama Bin Laden brought peace to Northern Ireland but he's unlikely to take credit for it.
  6. There is some truth to this, as post 9/11:
    1) funds dried up for awhile when Irish-Americans saw the true face of terrorism.
    2) RA realised that they would be dealt with in a much harsher way for violent acts, and world opinion would be against them.

    However, pragmatically, even before 9/11, RA - or certain of its leaders - saw that the armed campaign had gone as far as it could, so decided to change tactics. Doesn't mean their goals have changed though.
  7. We should be thankful that the grinning spiv, 'wannabe' pop-star B.Liar isn't bragging about this - yet!

    PS Even worse the oily, smarmy, foreign, filth the late minister Hain.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Personally, I think Clinton should be knocked out of the race for that little white porky. She's one of the new breed of French Resistance Fighters. Numbering a few hundred in WW2; tens of millions 6 months after it ended.

    How many others will lay claim to 'fixing' N.I.? Tony B-Liar, Hillary Clinton, G W Bush, Gordon Brown?

    Tell you what, I'd be happy to nominate Osama Bin Laden for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his enormous efforts in reminding the 'boys' in the USA that supporting and paying for terrorism is not a great idea, and that it isn't actually glamorous or rose-tinted.

    The bullsh!t being pedalled about the IRA deciding all by itself to stop terrorism is just that - bullsh!t.

    The factors that brought that about: Osama Bin Laden and 9/11, subsequent soul searching by stupid US ex-paddies who realised that favour was not on their side anymore, the comments by George Dubya about hunting ALL terrorists all over he globe, the IRA realising that Britain had just voted in communist, anti-British IRA sympathisers to government and things might yet swing their way without more bombs AND the realisation that there was stacks of wedge to be made by subverting and destroying Norn Iron and Irish societies by getting heavily involved in organised crime. They went from so-called idealists, to that which will do more to ruin the societies and people they profess to defend than the British ever could - crime and drugs.

    Like all scumbags everywhere, they dropped the idealism when they saw the big pile of notes.
  9. For the most part, is as you say, but RA did decide, before 9/11, to bring a halt to their armed campaign, though 9/11 confirmed it was a losing proposition. In a sick way, their campaign had all ready gotten them what they did want - a place at the table and so a chance to force through their agenda politically.
  10. Amazing. That ugly old bitch managed to create peace where we did nothing :? :roll:

    Gawd bless yer lady.... 8O :roll: 8O :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Shame she couldn't stop her old man getting sucked off by that fat chick innit!!! :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

    Stop telling lies and exaggerating, you stupid old cow. :twisted:
  11. I didn't realise the RA were on the other side, And there I was supporting them .They were also being targetted by the IRA so I suppose they didn't know either.
    Incidentally John Major did more than any politician to get the ball rolling towards peace (?)
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    My bold.

    Really? Didn't they have a place at Stormont before 'the troubles'? 30 years of fighting and murder has got them back to where they were 30 years ago, with maybe a couple of SMALL extras.
  13. Irish Americans had their views changed after the 1998 Omagh Atrocity, way before 9/11, although I do agree that 9/11 was probably the nail in the coffin. Anyway we all know that the US has helped us win all major global conflicts in the last 90 years or so (WW1, WW2) and now we learn that they defeated the Provies. God Bless Americay!!!
  14. Blimey - I was in the RA for years - did not realise it was responsible for the woes in NI, I wondered why I went out there 3 times :wink:
  15. I wonder how the Women for Peace movement view this outrageous claim?


    The founders Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan Maguire were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts, and they certainly brought Protestants and Catholics together.

    Hilliary Clinton is a lying, cheating, caniving toe rag of the lowest order...............in other words.....a politician!