I bought a DELL vostro laptop

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by jaybee2786, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. About 5 months ago i bought myself a DELL vostro laptop, and last week i wanted to add another hard drive to it as it can take 2 hard drives so as i could back up files on 2nd hard drive, anyway i went out bought myself a 2.5"
    hard drive only to find Dell have added an adaptor to all there Vostro hard drives which are not your normal sata connections, And i ask around all the local P.C. shops and no one can supply said adaptor, so i get in touch with DELL who pass me on too many people all who live in INDIA and have names that i cant pronounce. Then one pass's me onto a sub-contractor OUT-LET who supply DELL spare parts this guy who is english asks me for part numbers which i give and he comes back telling me it will cost £50 (this is for a caddy,screws and an adaptor) i then tell him the 2.5" hard drive only cost me £50 and you want another sling your hook mate.
    So i then get in touch with Vostro Support tele. 0844 338 1111 and tell the guy who then says he will post out the parts i need free of charge.

    So i am posting this in case anyone else is in the same position as me.
  2. I only wish I knew what the f*ck you were talking about.
  3. any chance of photo of said adapter?
  4. :oops: sorry to change topic ...........is the laptop any good?? was looking at getting one for the kid for school because they are cheaper than normal dell even when you upgrade certain bits.

    hope you find a solution :D
  5. Here is a PHOTO of a the caddy and the adapter which is above the hard drive on the right hand side.

    I think its a good laptop one reason i bought it was it has the large lcd screen can take two harddrives plus i had the choice of xp or vista and i took xp, i have since checked dell out again and they have brought out the vostro 1710 which i think looks far better it has a gloss finish and the cd/dvd is like the ones you now get in cars (no tray comes out when disc is ejected its just a slot) and a few other things too.

    Dell did send me the caddy ,screws and adapter free of charge but that was because i went to vostro support on the phone and they bent over backwards to help me out will give them 10/10 on help

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  6. All that for a SATA hard drive would of been easier if they kept it to a standard SATA plug.
  7. I think when dell made the vostro laptop they where left with a hole for a harddrive and thought what can we do to fill it ( i know get a caddy and an adapter that will do it) in saying that not many laptops have two independant harddrives!!!!!!!!
  8. My 5 year old insperon uses the same adapter, I'll sell you mine for £20 :)
  9. To late dell sent me it out free of charge