I Bet That Russia Will Intervene In Syria.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. The West has confirmed it can not handle yet another Arab intervention, this time in Syria, mainly because of political difficulty's.

    Do you think that the world will sit back and watch the Syrians kill each other in a orgy of slaughter ?

    I believe that the political stage is all set for "Russia" to intervene in this one.

    I believe that Russia will take this perfect opportunity to show the world that they are still a force to be reckoned with.

    Think about it ...... Who is going to, or be willing to stop them?

    Let's just hope they don't embarrass us in the West with a swift conclusion and show us all how it's done!
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  2. Are you for real? Why the **** would the Russians want to get involved in Syria? I know they'd like a Med port but invadings a bit of a push. Considering the difficulties they had in giving the Georgians a kicking not too long ago I wouldn't be expecting anything too special. Do they even had the capabilities to launch a decent size force that far let alone then supply it?
    In terms of what would stop them: well theres the Syrian military who would be able to kill enough of them that it would make any such intervention far too costly. The Iranians probably wouldn't be best pleased and along with Hezbollah would probably pitch in to help fight a fairly nasty insurgency even if the Russians pulled it off. Theres also the fact that to get to Syria they have to come through the Bosphorus and the Turks might just object to a Russian armada (which doesn't exist) doing that. It would also be impossible to reach Syria by air for similiar reasons as I doubt either the Turks or the Iraqis, let alone the Americans would be too keen on it.
    So no the Russians can't and won't be invading Syria any time soon and this is either a wind up or you've read far too much Tom Clancy.
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  3. Aside from all of the above, Russia gets on well with the Assad Regime which provides lucrative arms contracts (Amongst other buisness ventures), as well as access to a Mediterranean Port for the Russian Navy.

    So no, I doubt Russia will be intervening in Syria (And certainly not on the side of the rebels/protesters)
  4. Ha, If we can deliver ordinance on Libya, you can bet that Putin can on Syria.

    This is the mistake we have made with Russia, by underestimating them as being virtually defenceless in military might.

    There is no way that this hardened KGB expert would have let his once obsessed military spending country simply dissolve into a military nothing.

    This is the golden opportunity Vladimir Putin has been waiting for!
  5. How are they going to get there?
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  6. Option 1. Wait whilst Syrians kill more Syrians!

    Option 2. We intervene with stretched to vanishing resources.

    Option 3. Intervention by another power, someone else kills more Syrians!

    Option 4. Give a ****!

    Option 1 works.

    Russia is sitting on a Moslem powder keg which started to smoulder whilst they were in Afghanistan. They are not going to fan that fire.They are currently laughing their toe rags off at our current septic led predicament.
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  7. By train of course.......


    .........apply now for your red army rail card!
  8. Do they accept oyster cards?
  9. Russia already has a Mediterranean port in Syria, news report this morning says that Turkey may step in ( with or without NATO mandate) if the flood of refugees coming over her border becomes unsustainable.
  10. FFS you are dim. We can bomb Libya because the airspace all the way there belongs to our allies as do the bases in Italy we're using to do most of the bombing. We also can get access to the Med because we own Gibraltar and Spain is, guess what, a ******* NATO ally!
    It has nothing to do with underestimating the abilities of the Russian military, it is simply the geopolitical situation, the Turks simply will not allow a Russian fleet big enough (which until you can prove otherwise I'm certain isn't available) to carry off a successful invasion of Syria to pass through into the Med nor allow a Russian air armada (which again probably doesn't exist) to cross their airspace.
    Putin has been increasing Russia's military spending and apparantly has brought in numerous reforms to slim line and professionalise the Russian military in order to modernise it, however as Georgia showed they've still plenty of room for improvement with their CAS and communication systems along with friendly fire being key problems for what was their show piece Army. I wouldn't go looking to pick a fight with Russia but the key point is they simply do not have the capability to carry out and maintain a successful occupation of Syria. This isn't a slight, I'm fairly certain Britain couldn't manage it without substantial aid from our allies.
    This is anything but a golden opportunity. The risk of being sucked into a Syrian civil war with potentially hundreds if not thousands of Russian dead and wounded let alone the political fallout, with a massive souring of relations with the entire region particularly Iran who the Russians have worked hard to stay on good terms with make it far more a golden opportunity for Medvedev to oust Putin and become the big boss.
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  11. Caviar card I believe.
  12. I 100% fully agree, especially if this is the West's desire.

    Russia knows that if she plays her cards right over this Syrian crises, the rewards for Russia will be extremely fruitful in more ways than one.

    Turkey is on a no brainer with her E.E.C application, even if that means allowing Russia to use it's airspace!

    So, major political favours and rewards are at stake all round then!
  13. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    map of syria - Google Maps

    Here we go - work out where Syria and where Russia is and then come back and explain how exactly Russia is going to roll into Syria.
  14. the same way as we have been rolling in to middle eastern country's over the years, flying through numerous country's airspace, lands and seas.

    Or is this just a special trick that Britain and America can do?

    Did Adolf Hitler, Genghis khan, Alexander the great or the Roman Empire ask for permission to travel on their world crusades??
  15. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    You are Mr Dowd and I claim my £5!