I be having your card details...

@still staggin, Does "originally from Nigeria" make my question a scam?


I have no visa issues at the moment. My student visa is valid for another 3 years, but I am at a crossroads in making a decision to defer my programme and join the army in order to fulfil a career goal.
@still staggin, I am a Nigerian and your stereotype is wrong.
No problem.
Just send a thousand pounds to the address I will PM you, and you will get you whatever job in the army you like, (Captain will cost you 2 grand).
Hope he doesn't go away to soon this could have big piss taking potential.( Iso i can make you a captain for less than £2000)
I am a commonwealth citizen originally from Nigeria but presently studying full time in the UK on a student visa. My question is; At the end of my programme, am I eligible to join the army using my student visa? What other criteria do I need to have to join? By the way, I have lived in the UK for 18months. Cheers mates.
You need to get a copy of a book by a guy called Clinton Scarborough titled 'How to rob anything thats not nailed down' and his timeless classic 'Cold weather injuries Ive loved' ....
Bastard, the spic beat me to the cold weather injury gag.


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