I am the one and only

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Airbonre_Aircrew, May 30, 2009.

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  1. I am the king. You army types have nothing on me. I am RAF Regiment, the toughest most hardiest soldiers ever to walk this planet. Believe me when I say that you will not meet someone as tough and sad as me.
  2. Yeah, this has been done before.
    Bore off.

  3. Yawn.
  4. oh, just to add.
  5. FFS, do they not have CDT testing in the RAF ??????

    Edited to add, Waaaah ! A I R B O R N E is correct spelling I believe. Saying that I am sure some bright, proper army type, chap has already pointed that out to you !
  6. AirboNre Aircrew, bore off you trolling mong.

    At least have the minerals to act under your own avatar/name
  7. Fk me AA...are you drinking heavily? :D
  8. fk me jonny didnt see that blind fker that I am :D
  9. thought chesney hawks was the one and only?
  10. That will be the buckfast/ goldshlager etc :D
  11. nah only Kölsch or Red wine :D
  12. I thought it was a bit eloquent for Airborne_Aircrew.
  13. How disappointing. There's me thinking this was an "80's poptastic look back in time mate" post ....

    Ah well.

    Anyhow, as to the AA imposter -- my money's on Flashy.
  14. Nah, he's too busy creating Chubb sockpuppets so he can 'pretend' to catch them. :twisted:
  15. Mark:

    You know... You are a prick of the greatest magnitude... You knew it wasn't me because I'm just your sock puppet... There, the truth is out...

    Do I get a prize or something... Clearly some Stacker or other breed of REMF that never quite made it to L/Cpl in 22 has taken a liking to me... Better yet, some civvie cunt with nothing sensible to say about anyone in the military has a hard-on for the RAF Regiment. Either way, there should be a small cash prize and a little trinket for the old mantle... :D