I am taking the IB, will this cause problems with my ALIS points?


According to the Official British Army site, I need 35 ALIS points in addition to 72 UCAS to apply for a Gap Year Commission. I can't find much information on ALIS points for students taking an International Baccalaureate course as opposed to the standard GCSEs. I'm pretty confused about the whole process to be honest, so I just need some basic, easy to understand facts.

What IB grades do I need to make the 35 ALIS point threshold, or are ALIS points only for people who have done GCSEs? Just tell me all the information that you think would be useful.
My son had no ALIS points as he did not take GCSEs - he was educated from age 5 - 17 in Italian schools.
He then went to school in the UK to do IB.
During his application process, the lack of ALIS points was raised initially, but on discovering he had 38pts IB (567 UCAS) plus 2xC2 and 1xB1 language quals, the ALIS requirement disappeared.
The point about IB is it contains the mandatory English & Maths at a higher level than GCSE.
No, it isn’t a problem. Just needs to be explained/managed to ignorant “computer says no” drones at NRC. Good on you for doing it - wish I had!

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