I am sure someone on Arrse is to blame but

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TamH70, Jul 3, 2010.

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  1. Been visiting that site on and off for a while. Haven't read this article though, some scary stuff!
  2. Are you two both serious?

    I don't know how much is known about Skynet in the public domain, so I won't say much about it here, except that it's not meant to become "self-aware" and it certainly doesn't have "control" over killing machines!

    Mentals, the lot of you.
  3. Don't you mean the beer fueled cars?
  4. Hold on, isn't Skynet just a series of bloody comms satellites?

    And hardly anything new, given we're on Skynet 5 now...

    I could name my mobile phone the Reichkanzler if you want, but I somehow doubt it would plunge Europe into a fascist totalitarian clusterfvck all over again!
  5. We could always stop the Skynet-controlled, wholesale destruction of the planet by attempting to download a large map file from any Op Theatre - that should slow them metal buggers down...
  6. Thanks, my tinfoil hat is size 57.
    Seriously, whoever named that satellite comms system Skynet needs to be given a good hard kick in the goolies. And I will wager any amount of money that it was done deliberately by some wee nerd with a fixation on James Cameron films. Talk about tempting fate.

    Do you really think computer systems will not achieve self-awareness? They are already capable of kicking chess grandmasters arses seven ways from Sunday.

  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Chess is programmable. That's why the computer sometimes wins. It's not clever but it can test a huge range of possibilities.

    Real life isn't programmable.

    The limitations of computers were well put by Byron's daughter Augusta Ada, Countess of Lovelace in 1842 when Charles Babbage was experimenting with his analytical engine: '[The computer] can do whatever we know how to order it to perform'. There is always a programmer's hand up the back of the computer's metaphorical jacket.
  8. Maybe one day there may be some form of "Artificial Intelligence". But I don't think that day is very close and I don't think it'll be independent.

    Anyway, get your facts right - Skynet 1 was launched in 1969, the first Terminator was brought out in 1984.

    Which one inspired which, do you think, numbnuts?
  9. Only if the fecker travelled back to 1969 to do it. (Assuming Skynet hasn't already subverted wikipedia) LINK

  10. from The-Goon
    "Anyway, get your facts right - Skynet 1 was launched in 1969, the first Terminator was brought out in 1984.

    Which one inspired which, do you think, numbnuts?"

    Oops. My bad. Teach me not to use Wiki for once. I just jumped at the *co-incidence like Jerry the Mouse at a nice piece of stinky gruyere cheese.
    Seems I was wrong about that one as well. At least I wasn't the only one.
    As for AI being self-aware any time soon being almost impossible, well, all I have to do is point at powered flight.
    Mankind went from Kill Devil Hill and the Wright Brothers to the Bell X1 in less than fifty years. Manned orbital space flight took place less than fifteen years after that. Computer technology has advanced even faster than that since the transistor and programmable semi-conductors came along.

    They are already building semi-autonomous walking bipedal robots with faces now, in that home of mad tech obsessed, and seriously warped with it, nation of Japan. Robots that can understand emotion and human expression. If that is done at even a basic pre-infant level I am fricking scared, and no, they are not that nice backpack carrying ASIMO Honda thingy that seems to be in all their fricking adverts. Think more of its younger sisters. With teeth. And eyes. And noses. And if I know the Japanese a quarter as well as I think I do, 100% cotton white underwear to boot. ( I told you they were warped.)
    Cracked.com has links to pics of the things if you don't believe me.

    Look at the next generation of Predator drones that the septics are bringing out. Ones that in time will not need some jet-jockey sitting in an air-conditioned office in the good ol' You Ess of Ay at the controls. One that picks, designates and twats its own choice of targets.

    We are building HKs for fucks sake. HKs! And some mad idiot of a US general has already had built the endo-skeleton T800 for real, not just props. All metal and everything. All they need now is the CPU and we are all pretty much fucked.

  11. I thought Germany was building HK's :D

    You put a lot of store by two words, Hunter Killer. Well isn't that just every wpn system or military organization that existed? We've been building attack submarines that some term 'HKs' for bloody ages, CR2 hunts and kills it's en... that makes them scary precisely how?

    If its the rise of unmanned-ness that's bothering you, that it'll pick and engage it's own targets, not to worry, as it'll pick and engage what we tell it too. They are programmed machines, not free thinkers.

    The latest US efforts seem to be directed towards one that will take off and land autonomously so they can further take pilots out of the loop - I haven't heard anything about a wpn being procured that'll take the human operator out of the loop on the engagement side of life. Doubt it'd even be up for discussion as it's compliance with ROE/LOAC/just not brassing everything up would be unpredictable and the potential for something to go wrong would be a shocker.

    Just what are you upset about? UAVs that put the human on the ground rather than in the air, and a comms satellite network that a film franchise decided to copy in name only? Woop-de-doo :slow:
  12. From Voltiguer:

    "If its the rise of unmanned-ness that's bothering you, that it'll pick and engage it's own targets, not to worry, as it'll pick and engage what we tell it too. They are programmed machines, not free thinkers."

    Allow me to decide when to worry or not. Thanks all the same.

    The point on Predator you seem to miss is that there are folks in the Pentagon who want the whole human operator thing got rid of in a big hurry. People question orders that they think are balls. Predators which are not programmed to think like that in their basic subroutines will not do so. If it looks like a threat, boom.
    And I did say basic subroutines, not the higher level stuff like target acquisition.

    LOAC will go right out of the window at that point. Remember you are dealing with the sons of people who authorised the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam even after being told it was a Very Bad Idea. They didn't care, they just wanted the jungle gone.

    Remember the T800 that an American General wanted built? He didn't just want the bare skeleton, he wanted the whole ******* package. He was pretty pissed off that it couldn't be done. Yet.

    As Mick Biehn said in the first film,

    "They can't be bargained with, they can't be argued with. They don't know pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead."

    Something that general thought was a Very Good Idea.

    You are approaching things from a non-nutjob (British?)perspective. A lot of high chiefs at the Pentagon do not. They want Terminators, HKs, Skynet (movie version), the whole fat enchillada, and the scary thing is they have the money to have a damned good shot at it, even with the world's finances down the shitter. They are convinced they can control them.

    Hell, if they thought they could get away with it they would try to build a fricking Death Star.

    Of course, not everyone in the Pentagon is a certifiable loon, but quite a few of them are.

    If you think I need a tinfoil helmet just google the words 35mm and oerlikon and south africa and deaths. A robotic cannon "malfunctioned" and killed nearly a dozen people if you can't be buggered looking it up.
    Yup, robotic cannon. An autonomous one. Stupid bastards tested it with live ammunition, in one of the world's biggest forms of oops, that was a bad idea.

    I like technology, I own at least two PCs, same number of mobile phones, I watch telly. But I am not blind to the possibilities that it may not have a happy ending as far as we are concerned. Scientists are already building primitive neural networks. The same kind of thing we have encased in our skulls, but less capable.
    And they are bound and determined that they will not stay primitive for long. They do not seem to give a flying **** what that may lead to. Neither did the fathers of the Atom Bomb, the Cobalt Bomb or the Hydrogen Bomb. They just wanted to build the things.

    I used to go along with the theory that "the biggest threat to mankind's continued existence on this planet is the virus" ever since I read that in the title-papers for Richard Preston's fact-based novel "The Hotzone"
    Now, I am not so sure.

    Tinfoil helmet? **** that, gimme a tinfoil body suit. :meditate: :wtf:

  13. I'm a one man wolf pack. These trivialities have never concerned me.