I am such a bar steward

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mac_uk, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. Be a man, learn from my stupidity and get a life

  2. Take the Mess Webley, go around the corner and do the honourable thing

  1. [Serious mode ON]

    Just going to use this forum to clear some thing up.

    I have just been dumped by my fiance of 8 years with and two great kids because of the things I have written in this forum. I have lost everything of importance to me because my ex doesn't accept that I can be a different person online than I am in reality. She may have a point, there is no doubt that I have hurt her in many threads here, the ginge one, women and guns and others.
    So I just wanted to come clean on here.
    I am a fat ex loggie rad op who hasn't been able to fit into a uniform in 7 years. I have never been with a gingwah lass and I don't find women and guns sexy, mostly they're quite scary. In truth my ex is the only serious relationship I have ever had. I just wanted to publicly admit to being a complete tw@t.

    Does anyone else want to get anything off their chest?

    Preparing for slagging

    [Serious mode OFF]
  2. My bold - so complete honesty in all things is a strength of your then. Seems like thin edge of the wedge, probably just used as an excuse to dump you.
  3. Blilmey did you leave yourself logged into the pc by accident?
  4. You're better off without her, sounds like she doesn't have a sense of humour. Try the gallery for a replacement, plenty choice there if you're not fussy.
  5. I take it your photo is not among them?

    As for Mac_UK - Chin up and remember what what Jesus said at the last supper.
    "Oy! Judus, doth you think thatuth all soft and gentle female folk are kind and loving or snakes with tits?...... and pass the salt"

    Sounds like it is more than just Arrse that caused her to do one.

    On a plus side, you are now a "Free Man" and can insert your todger into any moist hole you want with out the fear of getting into trouble. I suggest either Marrage councling or porking the local bar maid.

    Maybe she is just trying to shock you into a wedding..... 8 years is a long time to be endangered in engagement.
  6. Cow

    Cow LE

    My misses didn't use to like that I was a different person at work to the one that I am at home. Having left the Army I'm now the person I was at work all the time. She doesn't like it but thats the cost of having me home more.

    Give her a bit of time to see if she can/wants to get over it. If not play the kids card, see if that changes her mind. If it doesn't then sounds like it's over.
  7. Take the kids and run. Hide them at their grandparents, then tell the Sun your kids have gone missing. Also, find the NYE pics and tell them that their mother is an alcoholic.

    Everyone suspects the mother, and you get on telly.

    Chicks love famous guys.
  8. Witless Humourless bitch..... I bet she is different in the sack with Leroy than she is with you!!!

    Get the Harpee to fcuk!
  9. surely there is more to it than this, (I'm not asking). my missus knows about this website and thankfully does not judge me on this.

    after 8 years maybe its something else.
  10. Women always have a get out plan squirreled away. Sounds like the Arrse was just an excuse. Do you beat her regularly?
  11. Think outside the box........surely it wasn't just arrse....

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  12. Get over it.

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  13. But this is the NAAFI bar, so things can't be that bad.

    Throw a party! 8)