I am sorry

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ONEptsJOE, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Im Declan Baker and i am writting this to apologize for pretendin to be a para online. i am nto a paratooper. Im sorry i caused offense to a lot of people and i apologise to everyone ojn the site.
  2. ha ha, had anymore phone calls you little bender?
  3. Mwahahahahahaha! You gonna fuck off now? Just don't be home too early cos I'm getting 'bitty' off of your mother. Cheers.
  4. See Jimbo Shorttarse, he was found out and fessed up, why don't you?
    c(o)unt :x
  5. Not good enough. Now apologise for your mother offering me full use of her clack when I phoned up. The sounds of her heavy breathing whilst nibbling on a deep fried mars bar and muttering 'shee ma son? He's a cunt. Wannae eat ma hole oot?' actually made a bit of sick come up.
  6. Is this a new ARRSE Record for fastest WaltenKommando victory? :D

    Or the best Wah in recent history? 8O

  7. Come on; you've had worse... :D
  8. Oooh what have I missed?
  9. not much, some chav pretending to be a para and the usual dullards crept out of the woodwork to be all outraged and p'ssy.
  10. Does that include your 8 posts in the said thread???
  11. The unashamed bullying of a minor, who after a multitude of threatening phonecalls, is now terrified he's going to be lashed to a chair by a masked intruder wearing nothing but a faded '5's Winebar' maroon t-shirt and a hard on and forced to watch his mother being anally raped.

    Slow night really.
  12. Of course, it all could have been a hideous wah.
  13. That's f*****g funny, PMSL.
  14. I'm assuming mdn got involved then?