I am shocked and astonished ! Lack of BBC bias !

The BBC has just broadcast a radio play, on Radio 4, that was wholly in support of Mrs. Thatcher and her role in the recovery of the Falkland Islands from the Argentines.

The play portrayed her as close on heroic, decisive, determined, and, mostly, ready to listen to advice! It highlighted her concern with legality and compliance. There were some brilliant 'lines' delivered by the actress playing Mrs. T. I would love to know whether some of these lines were 'quotes' or playwright's imagination.

What a sadness that Bliar had not heard this play before he started playing 'important statesman' on the world's stage and engaging in an invasion - the legality of which was doubtful.

I wonder how this play slipped through the BBC censoring system.

It will be interesting to see if G.Blown's 'puppy' who is to run the BBC will allow this sort of thing to happen again - I doubt it.
Best admit to being a Radio 4 listener as well - Top play, interesting to hear the intro and the outcry at such a work. Contrast this with The mark of Cain, due to be broadcast next week on Channel 4. It also seems to bear the test of time, gripping radio drama on an honesty and approach of government under pressure that HMG would do well to study today.
There must have been some form of anomoly, the Biased Bulls**t Corporation would never allow such a pro forces/Tory Government piece of history to be viewed by anybody who's IQ exceeds their shoe size. I assume that this radio 4 play was broadcast after the watershed. This probably explains why we now have 24 drinking, lest we forget.
Just as a blind dog can occasionally find a bone, so the BBC can occasionally produce a gem.

And well done them!

Now we ought to write to them and thank them, so they get the point.
caubeen said:
Just as a blind dog can occasionally find a bone, so the BBC can occasionally produce a gem.

And well done them!

Now we ought to write to them and thank them, so they get the point.
I'm all for applauding fair & factual journalism, unfortunately that's not what we are always getting.

I distinctly remember sitting in a tent @ camp eagle ? watching the commencement of the "Shock & awe" campaign for Telic thinking here we go!!
Unfortunately our big badge (Regimental Specialist?????) obviously thought that we weren't privvy to such information so therefore must have been making it up. It just goes to show the difference between intelligence and ignorance.
It is perhaps worth pointing out that it took a good 20 years to slip past the BBC.

The play was filmed in 1986. There were some attempts by the BBC to alter the script - they wanted, IIRC, cabinet members discussing how the war would help win the 1983 election. The playwright, Ian Curteis, refused on the grounds that there was absolutely no evidence that any of them had conducted such a discussion, and his play was meant to be based on available evidence (which it was).

The BBC then pulled the play - or more accurately stopped production - on the grounds that it would be improper to broadcast it to coincide with the 5th anniverary of the invasion since it might influence the result of the 1987 election. There were immediately claims of bias, particularly since the BBC didn't apply the same rules to Tumbledown (the story of Robert Lawrence MC), the content of which was rather less favourable to Mrs T (in the end, the BBC delayed transmission of this until 1988).

The BBC couldn't cancel the publishing deal that had been arranged, and this appeared before the 87 election complete with embarassing foreword from Curteis and serialisation in the Daily Mail (which was, as you'd expect, deeply sympathetic towards the BBC's decision to cancel...).

The BBC finally relented and recorded both the Radio play and the TV version and these aired in 2002.

So although the BBC now airs it, it did so after 20 years of trying to first suppress it and then ignore it...
With regard to the title of my topic, I have been reassured - bias is back in spades !

The appalling Naughtie doing the disreputable Bliar's work for him on Radio 4, whilst interviewing Mr. Alex Salmond the SNP Leader.

Naughtie didn't mention the fact that his political hero Bliar is the infantile twerp who opened Pandora's Box and paved the way for the break-up of the United Kingdom.

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